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Seven Reasons to trek the Rupin Pass

reasons trek rupin pass
Written by Shubham Vyas

The fascinating Rupin Pass trek is spread across two neighboring states of India, viz. Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Located at the height of around 4650 meters, the Rupin Pass and the trek have been a traditional shepherd route. Starting in Uttarakhand at Dhaula and ending in Sangla in Himachal Pradesh, the Rupin Pass trek is one of the most thrilling and beautiful treks in the Himalayas.

The trek has exclusive stunning panoramic views and wooden bridges. Many trails here carved out of the rocks, gives a stunning look. It is your chance to witness the icy slopes, glaciers, and the deepest and darkest of the mountains intimately and personally. Here are seven reasons why you should give the Rupin Pass Trek a try this year.

Choose from Multiple Routes.

The Rupin pass trek is one of the few treks in India that offers you multiple routes for access. For instance, you can start the trek from a Himachal Pradesh village by the name Gosangu. This village can be reached through Shimla via Rohru.

Alternatively, you can also begin the journey to Rupin Pass from a town by the Naitwar. This small and beautiful village can be reached by automobile through a trip from Dehradun via Dhaula (the distance around 195 km). The latter is the preferred and popular route for the Rupin Pass Trek.

Your first campsite will be Jhaka, no matter what way of travel you opt for.

Witness the Birth of Two Rivers

Rupin Pass is one of the most naturally blessed places of the Earth, where the origin points of two major rivers are located. For instance, the melting of ice on one side of the pass gives rise to the Rupin river, which forms a part of Yamuna and it eventually falls in the Bay of Bengal.

On the other side of the pass, you will see the formation of Satluj, a river that falls in the Arabian Sea. The pass also has the origin point of the river Saraswati (a paleo-river which does not exist anymore), at Sarasvotri and Sarawati Glacier.

reasons trek rupin pass

The Best Trek for Adventures

Even when you go by the Dehradun-Dhaula route, 80% of the trekking route of the Rupin Pass is located in Himachal Pradesh. The high altitude trekking not only attracts the best and most experienced of trekkers and adventurous, but also the nature lovers. Rocky terrain, snow bridges, beautiful meadows, water streams, glaciers…!

The trek is blessed with some of the most beautiful natural wonders and is an exhilarating experience that is memorable for a lifetime. It keeps testing your stamina, capabilities, and trekking skills as well.

The trails can get stressful at certain times and points, and the sudden climbs bring you tremendous trekking experience and exposure. While the trek starts from the hot and green areas, the endpoints are entirely covered in snow.

There are thousands of waterfalls en-route, and at this height, it appears that they are coming from the sky itself. The lush forests have the oak, rhododendron, and fir trees, and there are also the numerous snow bridges that you may not find anywhere else easily.

Trekking with Spirituality

The Rupin Pass trek also has for you some of the most precious spiritual elements in the form of unique locations and architectures. You will get close enough to the Himalayas to get a view of the Mount Kailash Peak, which is one of the most promising, revered, spiritual and religious destinations of Hinduism.

The Kinnaur Temple at Seva is a two-story structure and is also a significant spiritual attraction of the trek. The temple has images of Hindu deities. There are also other fascinating and religious places which you would like to give a try.

Jakha /Hanging Village.

The Jakha village is a very picturesque and pretty village which is situated at an altitude of 2700 meters. The village seems to be hanging from the mountains and hence the name “Hanging Village”. The Himalayan natural beauty is scattered all around.

Almost all houses appear to be hanging from the Himalayan mountains as well and offer a unique, distinctive, and memorable look. You will be pleasantly surprised to find educational institutions and health centers at this height. While the people are quite friendly and welcome you with a smile on their faces, the culture of the place differs from others.

Jakha is the last village of the Rupin Pass trek, and you will find some of the best places where you can lay your camps here. You will be delighted to find that the homes in Jakha are well-insulated and are very warm inside. A village close by (Dhara) has the Dhara Jhaka Temple that is made of wood. It has beautiful depictions and images of Hindu deities, including Hanuman, Rama, and Krishna.

Unmatchable Natural Diversity

While this can be said of almost all Himalayan treks, the Rupin Pass trek still leads the other treks in splendid beauty, serenity, as well as the diversity of the natural landscapes. A single trek has for you several waterfalls, snowfields, habitations, streams, rocks, and even certain rare and endangered species of fauna and flora that will be exclusive to the Himalayas.

As you do around 10 kilometers of trekking every day for 6 to 7 hours during your trek to Rupin Pass for 5 days, you can explore the natural vicinities and capture scenes that are memorable. From the potato and barley fields to the thickest of forests, the short distances that you cover during your trek keep unfolding to you the best of natural landscapes and other attractions of the region in short time frames.

The waterfall campsite is a significant physical attraction as well and is one of the best places to relax and enjoy the splendidness of the Himalayas.

Gain Trekking Skills

A significant reason for doing the Rupin Pass trek is that you can gain new and essential trekking skills during it. You should not compare the trek with other easy treks in India. During the trek, you will be required to use the ice axe and the trekking ropes, and will also learn how to slide on the snow. The snow bridges also require specific mountaineering and trekking skills to be crossed over.

reasons trek rupin pass

The natural landscapes and other attractions of the trek are stunningly beautiful and viewing them is a luxury in itself. But you also cannot overlook the importance of the trekking skills that you will gain/learn while walking through one of the most thrilling, captivating, and beautiful regions of the Himalayas.

A 195-kilometer drive from Dehradun will bring you to Dhaula, which is situated at the height of 1800 meters from the sea level. The whole journey and trek may span around eight days. The major campsite points of the trek include Sewa, Jakha, Suruwas Thatch, Waterfall Camp (at an altitude of 3950 meters, and the Rupin Pass. You can make your return journey via Shimla as well if you want.

So these are few reasons why should do a trek to Rupin Pass soon.

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