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Long Weekend Trips from Jaipur

long weekend trips from jaipur
long weekend trips from jaipur
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After a long tiring stressful week, finally comes the weekend. The holidays of the week. Now, these holidays can be wasted or utilized in the best way. I know what you might be thinking, holidays getting wasted? What does that even mean? Isn’t chilling in the holidays the only purpose of them? Well, yes! Sure! Why not? But then look at it in this way, how about having some thrilling beautiful, memorable experience in your weekends. Sounds interesting? Defiantly more interesting than sitting on the couch for the whole day doing nothing. Wondering what is I even talking about? Of course, you are not. I know you have read the title and you are planning for long weekend trips from Jaipur. Well, yes traveling is what gives you thrilling, beautiful, and memorable experience.

Jaipur, the pink city of India also, the capital city of the royal state, Rajasthan. Wonder why is it called the Pink City? Well simple reason, it is because of the common pinkish colour in most of the buildings in Jaipur. Jaipur, happens to be the largest city of Rajasthan too, and is popular for its markets, forts, and palaces.

But wait! We are not here to talk about Jaipur as a city. We need to discuss some long weekend trips that you can go to from Jaipur. Although Jaipur is so beautiful and has so many things to see in the city itself that you can simply use your weekend to travel in Jaipur only. But, here we assume you are reading this from Jaipur only and of course you wanna go travel out of the city. Well, from Jaipur, not just different cities but you can also travel to different states too. Jaipur is located at a good distance from all the places we are going to talk about today. Also, these trips will be affordable and memorable one.

Starting with the royal state, Rajasthan only because there are many cities neighboring to Jaipur which can provide you a great weekend experience

1) Ajmer, Rajasthan:

Ajmer is a beautiful and also the best place to visit this weekend, if you are seeking for the blessings from the Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah. Many devotees come here to pray and it is popular and a must-visit spot for people following Islam as their religion.

Distance from Jaipur: 130km

2) Pushkar, Rajasthan: 

The holy city of India is again one of the best places for devotees specially for people following Hindusism. Pushkar is known to have the Brahman temple which is said to be the only Brahman temple in the world. The temple is made besides the pushkar lake, a holy lake, having 52 Ghats for devotees to take a bath in. Also, attend the Pushkar fair which happens around November.

Distance from Jaipur: 144 km

3) Alwar, Rajasthan:

Alwar is the best place to experience the royal life of both Rajputs and Mughals since many of the Mughals rulers had their stay over in different places in Alwar.

Not just that but the different forts, temples, lakes, and gardens attract many tourists in the city every year.

Distance from Jaipur: 152 km

4) Ranthambore, Rajasthan: 

If you are a wildlife lover then pick your camera and get into your shoes for the visit to this wildlife world of Ranthambore, where animals roam around freely and you defiantly get a thrilling, memorable experience. The Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest national parks of India and a popular tourist destination for people from both India and around the world.

Distance from Jaipur: 162 km

5) Bharatpur, Rajasthan:

Bharatpur is again a great place for nature lovers, especially if you have interest in birds, then this will be your perfect weekend trip from Jaipur. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary nests around more than 200 + species of birds, adding to it is the famous Keoladeo National Park which is again popular for birds.

Distance from Jaipur: 184 km

6) Chittorgarh, Rajasthan:

Chittorgarh is famous for the Heroics of Rajputs and the stories of their brave men revolve around the whole city. The popular Bollywood movie, Padmavat was made on Rani Padmavati who was also from Chittorgarh. The city surely has had some of the bravest men in Indian history and a great spot for history buffs.

Distance from Jaipur: 306 km

7) Jodhpur, Rajasthan:

Jodhpur and its popular fort, which is the Mehrangarh Fort, makes it a very desirable weekend trip from Jaipur. The blue city has a lot more to offer to the tourist especially the blue buildings, which is why the city is also called the blue city, gives a great treat to the eyes.

Distance from Jaipur: 335 km

8) Bikaner, Rajasthan:

Bikaner offers you the experience to sand dunes, forts, palaces and beautiful markets in which roaming and looking at the beautiful stuff is an experience to have. A village inside the city, Ladera, hosts the famous camel festival and it is organised in January. There are also many temples in the city which you might want to visit and get blessings too.

Distance from Jaipur: 336 km

9) Udaipur, Rajasthan:

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan and definetly attracts a lot of tourists from both India and from around the world every year. The beautiful Lake Picholi is one of the largest manmade lakes in Rajasthan. Also, the Lake Palace made with beautiful white marbles gives you a beautiful view to stare at.

Distance from Jaipur: 421 km

10) Mount Abu, Rajasthan:

Mount Abu, the beautiful hill station of Rajasthan is based on Aravali hills.  A perfect spot for honeymoon, the city has many scenic views to capture. Mount Abu is also known as the ‘Oasis in the desert’. It is the best spot in Rajasthan for a good relaxation time and also an escape from the exhaustive heat of Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur: 487 km

11) Jaisalmer, Rajasthan:

Jaisalmer, another great city to experience the deserts of the royal state and just like any other city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer also offers beautiful gardens, palaces, and forts to experience but that is the beauty of this state Rajasthan. Although it is full of forts but everyone has uniqueness in it. Therefore, Jaisalmer surely has some great experience for you to unlock.

Distance from Jaipur: 571 km

12) Shekhwati, Rajasthan:

Shekhawati is an ideal spot for art enthusiasts, the region is decorated so artistically that it attracts tourists just to see the beautiful art in the city. Now where do you see the art works? Its Rajasthan we talking about, so obviously the beautiful and artistic forts, havelis and step well,

Distance from Jaipur: 114 km

13) Mathura, UP:

Mathura, a famous destination for Hindu devotees as it is the birthplace of Sri Krishna. Hence the place has a lot of temples. But some popular place that must be visited if you travel are the Jail, where lord Krishna was born and his parents lived. The Krishna-Balram temple and Prem Mandir. Mathura can simply be said as the land of Krishna.

Distance from Jaipur: 223 km

14) Vrindavan, UP:

Vrindavan again, the holy city for Hindu devotees and again the land of Krishna is popular because it is said that here it is the divine love between Lord Krishna and Radha was witnessed. One of the most popular destination is Vrindavan is Radha Madhava Mandir.

Distance from Jaipur: 235 km

15) Agra, UP:

Agra is obviously popular for the world famous heritage site, that is, Taj Mahal. But besides the legendary Mahal, Agra has many other forts and palaces to offer as an experience from the Mughal era like, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s tomb and etc.

Agra attracts a lot of tourists every year because of all these attractions and that too not just from India but from around the world as well.

Distance from Jaipur: 237 km

16) Delhi:

The capital city of India, is by far the best weekend trip from Jaipur. Not just the best but also the most popular spot for people around the world and luckily Jaipur is not located very far from the capital city of India. Delhi is famous for its forts, monuments, museums and what not. The small city surely has a lot to offer. Therefor, hands down one of the best weekend trip from Jaipur you can go for.

Distance from Jaipur: 272 km

17) Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh:

Gwalior is also one of the most popular weekend trip from Jaipur. The trip takes you to the central India in the Madhya Pradesh. One cannot go Gwalior and miss the Gwalior fort, standing strong on the Vindhya Mountain and it is an ideal weekend spot from Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur: 325 km

18) Haridwar, Uttrakhand:

Another holy place for hindu devotees, the religious site banks on the holy river Ganga, in which thousands of devotees comes every year to have a bath. Some famous spot one should visit in Haridwar are Har ki Pauri, Kanva Rishi Ashram, Chandi Devi Mandir, Mansa Devi Mandir and etc.

Distance from Jaipur: 493 km

19) Rishikesh, Uttrakhand:

If you love adventure activities then Rishikesh is an ideal spot for your weekend trip from Jaipur. Not just the adventure sports but also a great escape from the hot life of Jaipur. There are many adventure activities you can go for in Rishikesh but besides that, also visit the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, a famous Hindu temple.

Ditance from Jaipur: 513 km

20) Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh:

Kasauli, again a great hill station in Himachal Pradesh gives out an escape from the hot temperature life of Jaipur. But not just that, but also the scenic views. Hill stations and beautiful scenic views go together, but the kasauli has some of the most scenic beauties to capture both with your eyes and camera. It is an ideal peaceful weekend trip from Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur: 551 km

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