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Kedarkantha Trek – The Best Snow Trek

Kedarkantha trek the best Snow Trek
Kedarkantha trek the best Snow Trek
Written by Shubham Vyas

Are you the one who was the one always fascinated about the snow-clad region shown in some of the best Hollywood thrillers and romantic movies? If yes, then the next destination on your bucket list should be the Kedarkantha Trek – The Best Snow Trek in India.

Did you always dream of sleeping under the open sky, amidst the alluring and endless snow all around? No matter you say yes or no, you shouldn’t wait any longer and just grab the next chance to trek to the Kedarkantha Summit.

The trek has a considerable layer of snow covering itself, throughout most of the year, especially during the winter months of November, December, January and February- perfect for snowfall lovers, this trek must be the next big thing in your bucket list as Kedarkantha is one of the best snow trek.

Kedarkantha trek the best Snow Trek

Kedarkantha Summit

The Kedarkantha peak stands tall at an astounding elevation of 12,500 feet. Instead of this much elevation from the sea level, this trek remains a beginner’s trek. The trail is easy to follow, and Just Wravel’s trail leaders make it even more comfortable with their thoughtful inputs about the trek. The best time to trek to the Kedarkantha peak is during the winter months, the trail remains accessible throughout the year, but Monsoons should be positively ignored.

Making your way to the most mesmerizing trek. 

The picture-perfect setting of the snow-clad region and towering trails, these all origin with your journey from Dehradun.

On the very first day of the trek, the trekkers board a group vehicle from Dehradun, and they arrive at the beautiful village at the foothills of Kedarkantha – Sankri. Usually, groups take an overnight rest at a local guesthouse or hotel and start their trekking journey the next day.

All through your journey to the beautiful and cultural village of Sankri, your route will be accompanied by several rivers and creeks such as the Yamuna, the Kedar Ganga, and the Ton River.

Upon arriving at this beautiful cultural hub, one can experience the vicinity of the ages-old Himalayan culture enclosed within these immobile and exquisite mountains and folds.

Beginning of an epic journey.
Kedarkantha trek the best Snow Trek

Trekking to Kedarkantha Base Camp

After spending a warm and long night in the warm quilts, trekkers are quite curious about trekking to the next destination, which is Juda Ka Taal, a natural pond in the colds of Himalayas.

Juda ka Taal or Juda ka Talab is a freshwater lake located 8,858 meters above the sea level. This lake comes in the restricted forest area of Uttarkashi and hence is untouched from the toxic pollutants of the humankind.

According to the locals, several hundreds of thousands of years ago, Devo Ke Dev or the Lord of all Lords – Lord Shiva, untied his bun (Juda in Hindi), and some water droplets fell on the ground, and the Talab (pond) was formed. This prepossessing lake has an outstanding religious value because of the local beliefs and folklore. After a 4 kilometer walk through the lush forest, trekkers are generally tired, so trek leads decide to camp at the Juda Ka Taal for the night.

The evening starts by setting up the camps and preparing and serving dinner. One just can’t ignore the steaming hot puris and sabzi served in dinner. After the tasty meal, the trekkers go to their respective tents for the restful night’s sleep.

Ascending to the Base Camp. 

After spending a night by the side of the frozen lake, it will be frozen if you trek to the Kedarkantha in winters, the trekkers prepare themselves for yet another hike. This time the team ascends to the Kedarkantha Base camp, situated at an altitude of 3,413 meters.

Kedarkantha trek the best Snow Trek

Kedarkantha Base Camp

From here, the trekkers will have to trek uphill and on a more steep route than their previous day’s trek. You need not worry, our skilled trek leaders will assist you throughout this enchanting and exciting journey.

Post breakfast, it’s a 4 kilometers trek to the Kedarkantha Base Camp. The masala chai made by the locals of the Uttarkashi district’s Sankri village is unavoidable, and you should try some before starting your trek to the base camp of Kedarkantha.

If you’re a fan of the Hollywood movies and the snowy lands they portray in them, then you will fall in love with this enthralling trek, entirely covered in snow. Be amazed at every step you take. Most visitors couldn’t take their eyes and soul off this serene, untouched and tranquil terrain of the Kedarkantha Trek.

After walking for three to four hours, one reaches the famous Kedarkantha Base Camp. Post setting up the camps, the only things which remain undone is – throwing up your backpack in your tent and stretching your legs into a quick nap. Peaks of several mountains like the Swargarohini and Kala Nag can be easily identified from the Base Camp of Kedarkantha.

After taking the mouth-watering dinner served by Just Wravel, our wravelers are all set to hop in their tents and stay warm till three or four past midnight.

The last ascend

After several hours of rest and warmth, our traveling group will be all set to leave for the summit of Kedarkantha. The ascent starts at 3:30 A.M. or 4:00 A.M. in the morning where you walk for almost 1.5 kilometers, 1.1 kilometers to be precise.

Just Wravel prefers to start the trek so early in the dawn because we want to provide you an opportunity to witness one of the most serene and magnificent views you can have in any mountain – the sunrise.

Kedarkantha trek the best Snow Trek

Trek to Kedarkantha Summit

Sunrises from the summit of the Kedarkantha are just unmissable and unforgettable. The moment one witness the glistering rays of sun lighting up their eyes, the whole trek seems to be worth it. To help our Wravelers soak in the scenic beauty of this natural wonder, our trek leaders start the trek from Base Camp to the summit early in the morning.

Last, but not the least – happy ending. 

After spending some time and soaking in the sun at the Kedarkantha summit, Wravelers will be all set to descend from the summit. After observing the giant peaks like the Bandarpoonch from the summit of Kedarkantha, the team descends to the Haragaon camp.

By evening, you’ll be at the Haragaon camp and having your dinner beside your campsite.

After spending a night and recharging their enthusiasm, wravelers will be all set to descend from Juda ka Taal to the Sankri, the last motorable village in the district.

At Sankri, Just Wravel’s mini-bus picks up the traveling team, and they head back to the Dehradun.

All in all, the trek to the Kedarkantha is once in a lifetime experience, the sunrise, the astounding frozen lake which leaves everybody awestruck, the lush green meadows and forests, the pine trees and other Himalayan flora and fauna will leave you surprised.

Looking upon the terrain of the Kedarkantha trek, it can be concluded as an easy to moderate trek with minimum risk. This trek has a mixed cocktail of medium-high ascends and slant descending slopes. All this mixed up with the enthusiasm of the snow trek, makes the trek pretty much easy for debutants trekking to their first summit.

Do reach out to JustWravel to book your Kedarkantha Trek.

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