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Best Places In Rajasthan For Photography Enthusiasts

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The synonym of Rajasthan is royalty. Rajasthan holds some amazing architecture that houses a rich and glorious history in them. This is the largest Indian state in terms of area and has some incredibly breathtaking beauty that photographers love to capture. In this article, let us find out about some of the best places in Rajasthan for Photography Enthusiasts that are indeed ideal for capturing some great shots in your camera!

Some interesting locations

The pink city of Jaipur

Along with being the capital of Rajasthan, this beautifully planned city is one of the most favored places for photography Rajasthan. Looking from the top of a tall building, you would see that most of the houses in the city are pink in color. This looks absolutely beautiful and is the perfect amalgamation of traditional architecture with modern-day living standards.

You would also find various forts and palaces in the city which not only depicts architectural brilliance but is also a great display of Indian history. You can visit the famous city palace and Jal Mahal and soak in the aesthetic brilliance which is tough to find anywhere else.

places rajasthan photography justwravel

The golden city of Jaisalmer

This beautiful sun-soaked city is located at the heart of Thar Desert and houses some of the most amazing forts and palaces of the country. The city is a perfect example of rich Rajasthani culture and tradition and gives you some great photographic moments that you desire for.

You can do some great travel photography sessions on your way to this beautiful place and if you can get some great aerial views then nothing can be better than that. You would also get heritage temples and museums inside the city.

places rajasthan photography justwravel

Sariska National Park

The wildlife of the place is quite diverse, and you would definitely love to engage in some exciting photography sessions here along with tasting the unique experience of living amongst nature. You would find a lot of tigers in the reserves of the state.

Sariska National Park is the place that would give you a unique holiday experience in the lap of nature. This would be a great place for you if you are a fan of wildlife photography. Along with the beautiful fauna situated throughout the stretch of the national park, you would also be able to see some wild animals like tigers.

So do plan a visit to Alwar and come here to this beautiful park to witness the best flora and fauna that the state has to offer to you.

The beautiful Pushkar

If you are someone who loves capturing the joy and colors of traditional Indian festivals, then Pushkar is the city for you. Pushkar can be a huge reason to visit Rajasthan during Holi as the place celebrates the festival of colors like no other city.

You can also come here during the annual camel fair which takes place every November and is bound to give you a very unique experience. You can also taste the delicious Rajasthani cuisine and do some good shopping from this place.

places rajasthan photography justwravel

The lake city of Udaipur

The mesmerizing Udaipur can come as one of the most favored places for photography in Rajasthan mainly due to the natural beauty that it offers. The city is surrounded by lakes and you would also find forts and palaces that are built in the middle of the same.

The city is rightfully known as the Venice of East. You would find beautiful landscapes here along with some mind-blowing views of the lake.

The majestic Mehrangarh Fort

Forts and palaces are one of the many reasons to visit Rajasthan. Coming here, you would be able to live in many heritage hotels and would be able to experience the royal life of the kings.

One of the biggest forts in the country, the Mehrangarh fort can offer you some great travel photography experiences. The place is enriched with history and even today you can find the imprints of cannonballs in this place. A unique thing that you would find in this place is 7 gates which you should definitely not miss.

Sawai Madhopur Junction

If you are someone who loves wildlife photography, then you would fall in love with this place. Located in Ranthambhore National Park, this place is the home to beautiful tigers. Due to the natural beauty and number of tigers residing here, the national park has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The rich cultural background along with beautiful architecture and enriched history of the place has also contributed to it.

The renowned Chittorgarh Fort

Famous all over India, this is undoubtedly one of the most favored places for photography in the state. The place bears a significant history as here brave rulers have fought to save their state from invaders and women of the palace have also performed Jauhar which refers to burning themselves alive in the fire to save their self-respect.

The place bears a lot of cultural significance and hence is one of the favorite places to visit in the state.

Capture the colors and Smell of Rajasthan

Talking about aesthetic beauty, Rajasthan is the epitome of wondrous aesthetic beauty. You would find the pink city, the golden city, the blue city – all over here. Besides, the rich cultural heritage and tradition is also something that you would not easily find in other states.

Coming to the cuisines, the Rajasthani pallet is spicy, rich in flavors, and a plate full of yumminess. You must definitely try out their delicacies and click the bustling bazaars and shops where they sell authentic Rajasthani food. Rajasthan is also very famous for its unique styles of clothing and heavy jewelry. You would find beautiful ornamental pieces that are unique in their quality and style.

A beautiful amalgamation with these places and more makes Rajasthan a paradise for all travel photography enthusiasts. And it is actually difficult to stop clicking, once you get shutter happy with this gorgeous state in India.

So, make the most of your trip and capture vibrant memories to last a lifetime!

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