Just Wravel: The Eureka Moment

Travel was once an option, then it became a passion and now an obsession!!

It was indeed this common passion for travelling, start-ups and technology that brought three people working in different domains together. JustWravel was a brain child of our “caretaker” (as he would like to call himself :P) and worked upon by the team to give it a proper shape and meaning. But, every start-up has its own Eureka moment and we too had one. Read about it to know how it all happened:).


We all can relate to a life where we wake up tired in the mornings and then work tirelessly till dawn before settling into the slumber past midnight. We too were battling with the blatant rat race and giving in everything to win it. We realized it was September end and along with a few friends we decided to hit the road in the upcoming extended weekend to drift away from the stress. Then came the big question…where to?? And as expected the suggestions were too predictable, with Rishikesh and Shimla being the top ones on the list. Followed by the denial phase, where half of the group was willing to go somewhere off the radar. It was the night before our trip and we were still struggling to identify the location. Endless discussions and fights and to us this trip seemed to be a distant reality. But we did not give up. After a few faintly aloof discussions about the state, the budget, distance…we identified a beautiful village, set in the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. It was 2 am in the morning and finally we all agreed for it and packed our bags. By 6 am we were out and ready to witness one of the most peaceful and mesmerizing places in Uttarakhand. We travelled, we ate, we laughed and most importantly we slept in utter peace and tranquility.

While coming back and reminiscing about how it all unfolded we realized how difficult it was to plan the entire trip considering all the facets. This was the Eureka moment for our Mr. Caretaker. He discovered a very common problem of planning a trip and having no resource to get the problem sorted. He shared the idea with the team and soon we started brainstorming on how to improve the idea and take it to market. The idea evolved and we were able to create an abstract product which dealt with the most common problem of planning a trip considering the distance, budget, participants and of course the type. Soon, Just Wravel was established. Now you might be wondering what’s the fuss about Wravel…What is Wravel?

Well, Wravel comes from our very own dictionary which says:

Wander+ Travel= Wravel

(move slowly away from a fixed point or place)+ (make a journey, typically of some length)= Wravel

We loved how beautifully the two words merged and brought out the real motto…to not be stagnant and RIDE OUT whenever you can, wherever you can.

Soon, the model was built and our team started working on the idea. We realized that India is a country replete with unique and unidentified places but miss out due to the popularity of a select few. Some more market research and we were ready to take things forward.

If you believe in something…go for it. You never know what you have in store.

Embrace the uncertainty and Just Wravel.

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