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Highest places in Spiti Valley – Hikkim, Komic & more

Highest Places in Spiti valley
Written by Manasvy Nagar

Spiti Valley is an unending adventure. It is every traveler’s dream! Just when you think you have seen it all, you get introduced to another new dimension of this beautiful valley. This time, we’ll introduce you to the Highest places in Spiti Valley. 

With a scanty population, it is a paradise for people with a passion to explore the unexplored. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, it remains untouched by the majority of travelers. We compiled a list of Five Highs that only Spiti Valley can give you and here it is:

Five of the Highest Places in Spiti Valley

Komic15,500 ft

Komic Village

In one of the most scenic belts of Spiti Valley, lies the tiny hamlet of Komic. Sparsely populated, the village located in Spiti Valley, is at a mere distance of 19 kilometers from Kaza.

Komic has the reputation of being, ‘The Highest Village connected by Motorable Road’, in the World, at an altitude of 4587 meters.

The best time to visit this village is in the summer season, from Late April to Late September. During the harsher winter months, it is completely cut off from the rest of the country, due to heavy snowfall.

Although remotely located, Komic is now being discovered and visited by travelers increasingly.

Literally translating to, ‘eye of a snow cock’, (Ko- Snow cock, Mic- eye), the village is set surrounded by snow-sprinkled mountains, and clear blue skies stretching endlessly.

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Hikkim – 14,567 ft

highest places in Spiti valley

The nostalgia of writing and receiving letters is unparalleled. The digital means are gradually replacing the iconic red-post boxes that were once a part of our daily lives. But, what if we tell you, that there is still a place, which can transport you back to the memory lane.

Again, in our list of the highest places in Spiti Valley, lies Hikkim Village. 

It is famous for housing ‘The World’s highest Post-office’, at 14,567 feet! It is a thrilling experience to send letters from a region this remote. And all in the solace of mountains.

Perched atop the high mountain ranges of the Himalayas, The village is at a distance of 46 km from Kaza, the nearest town with access to roads. A bumpy muddy track leads up to the village. 

Rinchen Cherring, has been the postmaster here, ever since the inception of the post-office in 1983. He carries the mail on foot to Kaza.

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Chicham Bridge13,596 ft

Highest places in Spiti Valley
Chicham Bridge

High between the north-eastern Himalayas, a tributary of Spiti River- Samba Lamba Nallah, flows majestically. Built over this deep gorge is ’The Highest Bridge in Asia’, Chicham. It is one of the highest places in Spiti Valley that provides stunning views of the entire valley.

The bridge, a huge relief to the locals, connects Chicham Village to Kibber Village. But before that, a dangerous ropeway was used to cross the gaping gorge below by the brave locals. The bridge has reduced the journey to Chicham by around 40 kilometers.

At such a high altitude, this architectural wonder is a spectacle of sorts. Situated in the Parilungbi Canyon, the length of the bridge is 113 meters. It hangs at massive 1000 ft above the river flowing below. it is scary and thrilling both at the same time. Looking down into the gaping gorge below, an exhilarating feeling makes one’s hair stand at the back of their neck.

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Kaza EV Station – 12,467 ft

Highest places in Spiti Valley
EV Charging Station, Kaza

Overlooked by the high western mountain ridges of the Himalayas, is the town of Kaza. Situated along the Spiti river, the town is at an elevation of 3650 meters. It is the largest commercial center of Spiti Valley and is known for its colorful festivals. 

Meanwhile, Kaza also boasts of having, ‘The Highest EV charging station’, in the World. 

To encourage the government’s mission of becoming a 100% EV nation, Pune-based start-up, goEgo has installed chargers in Kaza. These work for both electric scooters and cars. The Bharat AC and Dual Socket Type 2 chargers at the station have Make-in-India certification and compliance with ARAI.

The EV charging station was inaugurated on September 21,2021, also celebrated as World Zero-Emission day. Two women travelers rode two TVS iQube electric scooters to celebrate the launch in Himachal Pradesh.

The step was taken to promote a sustainable environment and energy, to make citizens familiar with the new ways of working. Besides, this will also regulate the vehicular pollution caused in these sensitive regions, owing to the growth of tourism.

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Kaza Petrol Pump – 12,270 ft

Water gushing freely on the twisting roads, the rocky terrains, and casually strewn boulders around Spiti Valley, are enough to give you the ride of your life. But, for a smooth road trip, you must also be aware of where to get your vehicle refueled. As the valley is scarce in resources, not many petrol stations are around.

But, don’t worry! We have the perfect location for you. One where refueling is not just a task, but a, one-of-a-kind experience.

At a distance of 220 kms from Reckong-Peo, in the township of Kaza, lies, ’The Highest Petrol Pump’, in the world. At such high altitude, this is the only petrol pump available for miles. It is also the only gas station in the entire valley.

The petrol pump surrounded by the mesmerizing Himalayas, ooze calm and tranquility all around and is a dream-like experience. Spiti Valley is a haven for adventure junkies and is frequently visited by backpackers and tourists alike. It also has provisions to hire bikes and jeeps to travel around.

Lastly, Do not forget that these remote mountains are sensitive ecosystems. The facilities are scarce.

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