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Top 2 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dal Lake NOW!!!

Dal Lake
Written by Ardra M B

It goes without saying that a trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a Shikara ride in Dal Lake. 

Dal Lake in Kashmir is a must-visit destination in India, offering one of the most unique and surreal experiences, the Shikara ride. Floating on the calm waters of Dal Lake, watching the landscapes of Kashmir unravel under the blue skies will provide a rare sense of serenity, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

And now, there are two new reasons to visit Dal Lake.

The century-old houseboats are getting a makeover, offering guests a new level of comfort and luxury. In addition, Amazon has opened the first-ever floating store in the lake. 

Explore the grandeur of Kashmir and join the revolution of innovation now!

Why Dal Lake? 

Dal Lake Kashmir
Dal Lake Kashmir

Dal Lake, located in the picturesque city of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, is often referred to as the “Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir”. One of the most fascinating aspects of Dal Lake is the presence of houseboats, locally known as “Shikaras.” These traditional wooden boats have been converted into floating hotels, offering tourists a unique and unforgettable experience. Dal Lake is a true gem that showcases the natural beauty and cultural richness of Kashmir. 

Dal Lake’s century-old houseboats to get a makeover!

Mountain View of Dal Lake
Mountain View of Dal Lake

Dal Lake is an integral part of the rich cultural history of Kashmir. Known for its iconic houseboat experience and vibrant community, the lake has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years. The houseboats are not only a tourist attraction but also a way of life for the people who live on them. However, like any other form of transportation, the boats require constant repair and maintenance to keep them floating. 

As time goes by, these boats need more careful attention from their owners to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay for the guests. 

In its latest announcement, the government has finally given permission for the much-awaited repair and renovation of the historic houseboats that grace the crystal-clear waters. This brought immense relief to the houseboat community, as it not only aims to preserve the remarkable architecture and cultural heritage of the region but also promises to give a significant boost to the local tourism industry. According to reports, the restoration efforts will primarily focus on rejuvenating these century-old houseboats, and skilled craftsmen and artisans will be diligently engaged in this task. Their utmost precision and dedication will ensure that the intricate craftsmanship and authentic charm of these floating abodes are preserved for generations to come.

About the Experience 

People sitting in Shikara
Shikara Ride

The Dal Lake houseboat experience is an indescribable and unforgettable one. It provides a unique and unforgettable experience that is difficult to put into words. 

  • The new initiative is hope for both tourist and houseboat communities. The experience that the houseboats offer cannot be compared to any kind of hotel stay.
  • These houseboats offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in the genuine Kashmiri culture, where you are treated as a cherished family member rather than a mere guest.
  • The houseboats are enveloped in such breathtaking natural scenery that you’ll eagerly rise early to witness the first rays of sunlight. 
  • Moreover, you’ll enjoy complete privacy within the houseboats. The lavish furnishings, intricately embroidered carpets, and magnificent artifacts exude such opulence that you may find yourself tempted to spend the majority of your day indoors.

Amazon opened First Ever Floating Store in Dal Lake

Yellow Shikara In Dal Lake
Shikara In Dal Lake

Amazon India’s floating store on the Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake in Kashmir is a unique initiative that aims to provide customers with reliable and convenient delivery services while also boosting small businesses in the region. The program “I Have Space” started in 2015 and helps local business owners by providing them with the opportunity to earn additional income through delivering packages to customers in their respective neighborhoods. This not only makes delivery easier for customers but also promotes responsible tourism by supporting the locals. Murtaza Khan Kashi, the owner of the houseboat Selec Town, is a prime example of this program and delivers packages to customers on the Dal and Nigeen Lakes every day.

Can you think of any better reason to visit Dal Lak, the Beauty?

Plan your Kashmir Trip NOW!!! 

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