COVID-19 Road Trip

Caravan Tourism – A New And Safe Way To Travel In Covid Times

Written by Manavi Sarang

If you are a true adventurer, you can relate to the insatiable hunger for travel. There’s no such thing as ‘travelling too much.’ Let me convince you.

Travelling teaches us a countless number of things in life. Not to mention, it is the best possible escape from our boring and busy lives today. 

Imagine you’re going on a road trip with your friends. You’ve got your leather jackets on. Some sunglasses for the final touch. You get on your bikes and hit the road with the wind blowing through your hair. Sounds like heaven to me! 

The pandemic has surely put an end to our road-tripping dreams for the time being. Even the rebellious travellers are caught up in the fear of catching the virus. Buses, trains and aeroplanes have never seemed scarier.

Could there really be a way to fulfil our bucket list wishes for travelling in the times today? Fortunately for you, the answer is yes. 

Ever thought of travelling in a Caravan? I’m sure you’ve seen it in movies. Caravan Tourism is raising the bar quite high for travel in general. 

What Is A Caravan?

A caravan is basically a camper van with a place to sleep for the ones who are on a journey. It is perfect for road trippers as the van can be equipped with all the essentials to make your trip comfortable. The best part is that you don’t have to come in contact with a lot of people ensuring you a very safe travel experience. 

The whole ‘work from home’ scenario is a tyranny that we want to escape. Caravan Tourism will surely boost up your interest in road trips. This is the perfect opportunity for you to embrace the hippie culture! 

Caravan Tourism is an age-old trend that has been going on for years on a global scale. Since social distancing has become a norm, Caravan Tourism in India is bound to pick up the pace. 

India has one of the best topographies in the world. The country has pristine beaches, undulating plains, majestic mountains, dense forests, you name it. However, back in the day, Caravan Tourism was not a thing. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time for the trend? 

Caravan Tourism in India is gaining popularity mainly because of the freedom and flexibility that it offers. Due to the Covid-19 scare, it is also the safest way to travel. Certainly, it is giving people an opportunity to rethink their travel choices. 

In the times today, you would want to travel closer to home and driving would be the only post-covid solution. And what’s better than road-tripping in a caravan for that?

To satisfy the wraveler in you, several people around the country offer caravans on rent. So what are you waiting for? Get your backpack ready and hit the road in a caravan!

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