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10 Reasons Why An Offbeat Stay Is Good During The Lockdown

Written by Manavi Sarang

For all the workaholics, you have to know that a workation at an offbeat stay is probably the thing you need the most right now. 

Besides our decreased human interaction, working at home has unquestionably proven to be harmful to your psyche. Work from home does not seem like the dream come true it was made out to be in the beginning.

Having a commute and a bustling social life allowed you to overcome the stress that was caused by work. But working from home has made us be physically and mentally detached from the fun side of life.

When you decide to work from home, the transition of moods becomes impossible and the line between work life and personal life becomes very thin. That is exactly you should be considering a workation this lockdown!

And not just a workation to any conventional or crowded destination. Offbeat stays are picking up the pace right now because of the global pandemic. But an offbeat destination can do a lot more good for you and your work than you think.

Think of yourself in a quaint cottage, enjoying a cold drink on your porch and working on your laptop with the fresh breeze to keep you active. You won’t have to miss sunrises and sunsets because of any obstructions while the rustling leaves keep you company.

You’re not waking up to the loud honks of vehicles outside but to a bunch of ravishing birds chirping from the shady parts of the trees. You’ve finally found peace, calm and serenity. 

A confined and unchanging space does no good for our work. Offbeat stays are the perfect escape from the confined spaces of our homes. They are bound to boost your productivity and your mood, too.

Here are 10 good reasons why an offbeat stay is a good decision during the lockdown. 

1. A good place for inspiration

Your home is hardly the place for the generation of creative ideas and solutions to your work problems. At home, you are under tremendous pressure for various things. 

You cannot find the right inspirations under pressure. An offbeat stay can be a good change of scene for you where you can relax and where your creativity can bloom.

In a new space, your mind will ask you questions that you probably never thought of. Your energy will be refreshed and you will definitely feel the lethargy slipping away. 

2. A chance to get out of your comfort zone

We usually tend to stay in our comfort zone when we are at a familiar place. That also cancels out the chances for us to think out of the box. Nature really motivates you to trust your instincts and make new decisions.

Finding new ways to challenge our minds is the best way to keep them active and full of ideas. An offbeat stay will be a space which you aren’t familiar with, which in return will change the way you live and work!

3. Increase In Motivation 

With complete confidence, you can say hello to a boost in your motivation if you decide to work at an offbeat stay. When you know you have new places to discover, you will decide to wake up early.

Beating all the typical norms of the office and your home, you will find that you are far less likely to do things that are good for your motivation levels, such as waking up early and being your best!

4. Health benefits

Health benefits at an offbeat stay are just bonuses. You feel better, get good sleep and your mood is uplifted. Your stress and anxiety are lower. Heart function and blood pressure begin to come back to normal levels.

You leave your stress wherever you came from and find a new sense of calm at an offbeat stay. Not to mention, the good amount of fresh air that you get to breathe. 

5. Mental break

Everyone working from home right now is suffering from brain flooding where there are tons of emails, messages and other documentation pouring in. We can all agree that the work during the pandemic has been impossible to do.

Our brains are like sponges, we can only hold so much. But living in an offbeat stay, fresh ideas and exotic sights can strengthen neural connections and stimulate mental activity.

6. More Privacy

Some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of conventional spots but others enjoy the quiet and love to get away from all the noise. These kinds of people thrive in peaceful and offbeat stays.

At an offbeat stay, you don’t have to worry about the neighbours being too loud. You can think clearly and work productively. 

7. Learn about new cultures

Once you’ve chosen your stay, your next best bet is to connect with the people that live around you before you leave. You get to learn their culture, their way of living and their thoughts about life.

If you just limit yourself to your home, you end up missing out on a bunch of great places to visit, amazing people, and life-changing experiences. From the regional dialect to the authentic local cuisine, you get to experience it all.

8. Support the local economy

When you’re at a new place, the first thing you think about is your stay, and for good reason, of course! Hotels are undoubtedly popular and a safe bet too. But the concept of offbeat stays is something new. 

Trying offbeat stays out will give them the recognition that they are worthy of. If you ever choose an offbeat homestay, make sure you choose a place that helps the hosts grow. 

9. Avoid huge crowds

Some destinations are so over-loved and conventional, that it’s really hard to have a meaningful experience. Finding peace and solitude for productivity is impossible.

Not only does offbeat stays make it a better experience for you but also the natural environment. A huge crowd is difficult for nature to cope with and can take a toll on the ecosystem. 

10. Spend time with nature

The best way to boost your productivity is the spend some time with nature. What’s more, incorporating elements of nature into your workday can also give your brain a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity.

The sounds, visual elements give you a sense of comfort and a high level of concentration on whatever project you’re working on. 

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