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Adventure Activities In Rajasthan

adventure activites in Rajasthan justwravel
adventure activites in Rajasthan justwravel

When we think of Rajasthan, we mostly relate it with historic, traditional, and pilgrimage sites. But did you know that there is also an adventurous side to this place? There are adventure activities that can be done in Rajasthan?

Hundreds of visitors flock to Rajasthan round the year, to witness its valor, history, cultural aspects, and enjoy the breathtaking views and amazing cuisines. But what many of them miss, is the adventurous activities here.

If you crave some major adrenaline rush, then the following are the activities that you must try in Rajasthan.

Hot Air Ballooning

Have you seen people riding on hot air balloons in movies? Did you wish to do the same? Well, then Rajasthan is the place where your dreams would come true. Take the colourful hot air balloon ride over the beautiful cities and you would be able to witness the bird-eye view of the surrounding.

You can see the beautiful palaces from the top and would also get the hilltop view of the Aravalli ranges. These picturesque views are something that attracts all travelers to Rajasthan. You can go for an hour’s Hot Air Balloon ride over this place and get an experience of a lifetime.

You can fly as high as 1200 feet depending on the weather conditions. You can take this ride during the Pushkar festival and witness all the rich colours and heritage that this place offers you with.

Timing – You can take the ride at dawn or dusk depending on your preferences. It also depends on the weather conditions of the day and the flow of the wind.  Definitely must-do adventure activity in Rajasthan.

Jeep Safari

The deserts of Rajasthan can offer you with some incredible jeep safari experiences. You can visit some of the remote and exotic locations of Rajasthan on a jeep safari. Along with exploring the local villages, great views, etc. you would also be able to visit some of the historical forts and palaces during the journey.

You can also go for jungle safari in Ranthambore, Camel safari in Pushkar, Elephant safari in Jaipur, and much more. This is an out of the world experience and you are going to absolutely love it.

Timing – As mentioned earlier the best time to visit Rajasthan is during winters between October and March. Summers are extremely hot here and you would not be comfortable riding in a jeep under the scorching hot sun during those months.


If you want to try something new and exciting then go for Parasailing or Parascending. This adventure sports basically involves you to be towed behind a vehicle that is attached to a specially designed canopy that looks like a parachute.

As Rajasthan has a widespread of nothing, hence this is a perfect place for this adventure activity. One would need a lot of open areas in order to take it all from this place. Along with the adrenaline rush, you would get some of the best views doing this. If you really want to do it, conduct some research online, and approach professional parasailing institute for safety.

Being available throughout all the major cities of Rajasthan, this is an experience that you would definitely not want to miss.

Timing – You can do this anytime of the day and round the year. The ideal time to do it would be the winter mornings. However, do avoid monsoons as the institutes remain closed during the season due to bad weather conditions.


Rajasthan has just started with Paragliding and within these few days, it has gained immense popularity. The thrill and excitement associated with this sport are what attracts adventure lovers to this place. Imagine flying over the vast stretch of Rajasthan desert with occasional swirls of colour that would give you some of the best views.

However, as mentioned earlier, do choose a professional paragliding institute. You would then be accompanied by a professional who would know how to ride it safely. They have all the necessary equipment required for the flight.

Timing – It is best to go on this ride during the daytime as you would be able to witness all the natural beauty. September to February is the best time during which one can indulge in this adventure sports.


Most of the adventurers love going on a trek. It is the best way to witness the raw beauty of nature up close and personal. We do have a perception that Trekking in an activity that takes place best in the hilly areas, but not necessarily.

Rajasthan offers some of the best destinations where you trek the way you want. The Aravalli range is ideal for this and if you are worried about your stay during the journey, then you would be glad to know that the place has some great hotels for the trekkers.

You can also get the year-old palaces to stay in which would give you a true picture of the old Rajasthani architecture.

Timing – The best time to trek would be during the winters. However, you can also opt for the seasonal treks that are organized by the local adventure clubs.

Zip Line

Now, this is something interesting and you would not find this sport in many Indian places. Thus adventure sport offers a thrilling aerial ride which would surely shoot up your adrenaline levels. Here a zip line is tied from one fort to others and you would be given a hook, holding which you would be able to fly across.

You would be able to glide over the beautiful landscapes, buildings, etc. and witness some really breath-taking views. Ziplines would be the best from high buildings and as Rajasthan has an array of forts, this makes the place a perfect destination for one of the adventure activities in Rajasthan.

One would find Zip Lines in Neemrana Fort and Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan.

Timing – The best thing about this adventure activity is that one would not have to depend on the weather to carry it out. You can opt for it whenever you want to!

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