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Jaisalmer Trip from Delhi

Jaisalmer road trip from Delhi
Jaisalmer road trip from Delhi
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Jaisalmer the name itself is a prodigy among the world-famous tourist destinations; just miles away from Delhi. This triggered that being so close to this magnificence, we must explore the city of golden sand over our next trip. Getting onto the itinerary planning surely this Jaisalmer road trip will require more than an extended weekend to cover the 1500 KMs to and fro; with a number of stoppages in between to ease out the bowels and relax the muscles of the squatting, lest we get grumpy over the tiresome journey on road.

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Day 1

We rolled on wheels from 7 in the morning with lots of munch-on, a crate full of drinks and all popular hit numbers for the day-long journey; we skipped the breakfast and grabbed a brunch at a roadside Dhaba near Rajgarh.

Took the Jodhpur – Jaisalmer road after Pokhran and reached the city that features the hill fort of Jaisal about 8:30 at night; the first glimpse of the fort was simply mesmerizing.

Jaisalmer road trip from Delhi

Jaisalmer Fort

The stay at Jaisalmer included one day at the city and the other at camp in Sam sand dune to experience a night of folklore; the best part is all of it at pretty reasonable rates, about 4ooo Rs for a stay in luxury amid the legacy.

Day 2

The following day started with the most anticipated tour of the Jaisalmer fort along with its 7 glorious Jain temples within the premises – currently, it’s a world heritage site which abounds in sculptures that reflects the craftsmanship of Indian architecture (dilwara style) as well as narrates the story of royal legends.

Then we headed off to the Gadisar Lake to soak our feet in the cool water after wandering in the scorching desert-like heat. This water conservation tank mimics an oasis with its sandstone ornate and a couple of holy shrines; the contrast of the deep blue against the chrome yellow build-ups has an enchanting picturesque that brings about rejuvenation for the mind and the soul.

If you’re lucky you can also catch some really rare species of birds we didn’t carry any binocular but surely carry one just-in-case.

Post lunch our glee echoed over the quick hide and seek at Patwon ki Haveli, captured a few of the joyful moments in our camera to carry away as sweet memories.

The Bada Bagh was the next hot spot, the dome-shaped chhatris with scanty sprawling bushes at a distance is good for some nice clicks, but the catch is how the entire city of sandstone along with the numerous cenotaphs turns up into a gold cladded splendor with the fading sunlight; the shades changes with the variable reflecting colors of the sunset.

Later in the late evening, we strolled through the local market in search of some authentic sandal-colored artifact of Jaisalmer; luckily witnessed a puppet show on our way back.  We could hardly wait for the Desert Safari that was scheduled on the second day, so I decided to hit the bed early hoping time would fly a little faster when we’re asleep.

As soon as we reached the desert dunes we wanted to ride the camel instead of the Thar-Jeep. Rest what followed I’ll leave it for you to experience in real.

We deified the deity of Tannot Mata Mandir from afar and also felt proud watching the sentinels of BFS patrolling the Indo-Pak border over the sandy terrain of the scorching desert; thanks to the borrowed binoculars of a fellow tourist. As the day passed we rested a bit in our camp and witnessed the sunset into the heap of sand.

Now as the darkness of night descends it’s time for some Rajasthani Folklore; the hookah was strong and the music alluring; needless to mention the dancers, the way they bend down and carry stacks of pots over their head it’s simply outstanding.

Among other specialties of Rajasthani cuisine, the flavor of dal bati churma was compellingly mouth-watering.

Day 3

On the 3rd day we had a thrilophillic adventure at Desert National park; of other wilderness whose major attraction is the black-buck.

Concluded the day with a visit to Salim Singh Ki Haveli, which has a square-shaped architecture at the top level that somewhat appears like hanging from the rest of the structure; craftily ordinated with intricate chiseled work.

On the final day of Jaisalmer’s trip, we bid a contented adieu to the colossal Surya Gate and drove past the infamous Kuldhara village as we retreated from the vacation temperament into our regular life.

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Contributed By: Shatadal Gia Sen

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