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Places to visit in Little Rann Of Kutch

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If you are planning to explore the best of India, then do not miss out on these must-visit places of one of the most amazing parts of India, the little Rann of Kutch.

A lovely wildlife sanctuary in India, the Little Rann of Kutch has got everything to intrigue the explorer soul. You will find swamps and lakes, arid grassland, rocky terrain with thorn scrubs around, etc. The interesting fact about this place is that it remains very dry and arid in summers whereas in monsoon it remains covered with water. Well, in this context it is worth mentioning that the words “Rann” and “Kutch” mean salt lake or salt marshland and a place that becomes wet or dry very fast respectively.

This place is pretty attractive and home to a diverse range of wild animals which is why tourists from all over the globe flock here to witness the beauty and bounty of this lovely heaven. The perfect time to visit this lovely place is from October to March. This is the time when the temperature remains very favorable, you can roam around happily and make the most out of your trip.

Make your holiday amazing by choosing this as your next holiday destination. To help you, here is the perfect guide to the most memorable trip to the Little Rann of Kutch. Before you set out, here is all that you would like to explore and enjoy in this part of India.

Get a guide

LRK is a huge expanse so it is always advisable to first get an experienced local guide who’ll be able to assist you in covering all the vantage points also you won’t get lost as the place is quite confusing. The landscapes here are amazing and it will leave you absolutely start struck. The bright golden tinge of the sky during dusk and dawn will mesmerize you for sure.

Kutch tour for kids is a great idea as the place is a nature’s treasure trove. It is a good idea to show to kids how beautiful Mother Nature is, this way they’ll be able to bond better with nature.

Visit the salt expanses

A trip to Rann of Kutch means visiting the salt pans here you will see how salt is being extracted and how much effort it takes to get the salt. Here the salt is pure. The extraction of salt has been supporting the livelihood of people living here from time immemorial.

Wildlife safari

LRK means wild ass, blue bull, jungle cat, hare, houbara bustard, bustard quail, desert fox, hyenas, jackals, and many other elusive wild animals…. A trip to Rann of Kutch remains incomplete if you don’t visit the huge wildlife sanctuary that makes this place so proud of its natural resplendence.

Here you will find migratory birds as well such as flamingos, pelicans, cranes, etc. do not forget to capture spellbinding pictures of these wild animals and birds that will remind you of your amazing trip to LRK. The entire locale is dotted with beauty and nature’s awe.

Try the Chakkdo

You cannot miss the Kutch road trip on a Chakkdo which is the ingenuity of the local people here. A Royal Enfield is attached with a bullock cart to carry more passengers on a bike basically. The Chakkdo looks absolutely out of the world its vibrancy is pretty visible because of the bright colors which depict the colorful soul of the people here.

The warmth of this place is beyond compare and if you get a ride on Chakkdo, we are pretty sure you’ll never forget the Kutch road trip ever.  This common conveyance will first take you by surprise and then you’ll enjoy a ride on it for sure.

Experience the local lives

A Kutch tour means taking a sneak peek into the lives of the Rabadi tribe group settled in these areas. The exquisite handicraft and artwork of this tribe group is something that you shouldn’t miss while in LRK. Rabari Bharat embroidery is famous all over the globe.

In this kind of embroidery, solid and bold colors are used and mirrors are used to keep evil at bay… you must have seen one but probably didn’t know the name but now you know that this amazing embroidery is done by the small group of tribes living in these parts of the country.

The welcoming faces of these people will fill you up with joy as you explore through the depths of the villages of Rabadi community some will invite you for a meal or two… these people are friendly, jovial, and have a heart of gold.

Fairs and festivals

Soak in the festive fervor of LRK, indulge in shopping, roaming, eating, and keep on repeating… The festivals such as the Tarnetar fair can grab your attention. This is popularly known as the Trinetreshwari Mahadevi Mela.

You won’t believe it but around 100,000 people belonging to different tribe groups such as Rabadi, Kathi, Charan, Koli, Bharwads, etc. come and participate in this fair dressed in brightly colored costumes and lovely jewelry that look ravishing. The vibrancy of this fair and the mirth and gaiety is just like a dream…where you travel to another world where there is no trace of sadness or stress or vice or anything negative…. Such is the glamour of this fair.

People have so little, yet they are so contented and happy. Other fairs and festivals are Kutch Utsav, Bhavnath festival, kite festival, Modhera dance festival, etc.

Visit the ancient ruins

If you are too much drawn towards culture and heritage the ancient cultural ruins situated at the entrance of LRK will draw your attention. The beautiful designs carved all over the wall depict the rich cultural and traditional values of this place.

LRK has a lot of eco-tourism potential and in recent years the place is witnessing a rise in the influx of foreign tourists which is a good sign because tourism in any place helps in the development of the communities…enjoy your vacation in the LRK that sleeps cradled in the lap of Mother Nature.


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