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A family trip to Shimla

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Thrill, pleasure, exploration, and peace. These words have the ability to drive one crazy. People travel in search of desired exposure. Travel can give you such experiences you have never encountered before. Travelers know what is it like to meet new people at a new place completely away from the comfort of home. Life is about experience and exploring it.

There are a lot of splendid destinations you can enjoy and appreciate. There are things that will make you feel like heaven, places that have a magical ability to addict you to its beauty and air. Shimla is one such place, actually more delightful than all. I have been on a family trip to Shimla, a while back and even now I cherish the moments I spent there. The charm of the place is still fresh in my mind.

Our family trip to Shimla started haphazardly. We had to board a train from old Delhi railway station, the place where finding a platform when you are in a hurry is a herculean task, after being stuck in traffic for over an hour. But we were destined to Shimla and we just boarded a running train. Excitement proliferated.


The next day with a refreshing sight at 6 in the morning at Kalka station, our day started. The station had immensely beautiful lawns, the toy trains parked on the rails looked cute in the ideal weather. With our toy train tickets in our hands, the best ride of our lives started.

The scene down there was spell bounding. We spent the whole journey sitting at the door of the train. We could feel the vigor in the thrust of air and visible pine trees indicated the progress of our journey. On the way, we encountered small beautiful stations like we have never seen before. One station was way too lovely that I still have faint memory, beautiful lawns, narrow paths, and thatched roofs, and the essence of ‘cutlets’ rolled in our taste buds. We advanced over beautiful valleys, coniferous trees, and clustered houses.



Finally when we reached our destination. After walking for 2- ­3 kms, we reached where a lot of hotels were located, though it was hard to find a hotel at that time, we got a suitable suite. The hotel was a lovely place in itself, with a hanging garden restaurant and terrace garden.

The very first day, we visited to Naldehra and the night was spent walking and exploring the quiet roads, and having coffee at CCD. Which I could call a start to my addiction towards that place.

We hired a car the next day and begin towards our next destination, Kufri.


By the time we reached, it was dark and we were the last visitors, but it had its own different experience. We witnessed the place, the guide showed us movie shooting sites, and briefed us with a little history and facts about the place. After returning we strolled across the streets of mall road, which is a major attraction of Shimla, all kind of shops are situated there. There are even lower bazaar and Lakkar bazaar for shopping freaks.

This was our last day of our family trip to Shimla but the most splendid one. The center of mall road with stunning with colourful fountains caught our attention, the benches surrounded the fountains with a view of never-ending mountains. The place was spectacular to be defined. After strolling the roads, we moved ahead towards the shops, the array of handicraft shops looked beautiful.

We walked down the path towards the holy church and other elegant buildings. The roads were narrow and every road was inclined either up or down, only a hotel floor can be found leveled on Shimla. We passed the hotels and shops towards an open stage where some sort of festival shows were going on.



This town got me insane coz of its beauty and peace. I cherish walking on its roads and all the fun we had there. You can call it a paradise, for it is an amazing beauty.

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