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10 lesser-known beaches in India

10 less known beaches in India
10 less known beaches in India
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As we all know India has a vast seaboard; running on both west and east coast, tapering gradually southwards to meet at the tip of Kanyakumari. Overshadowed by the fame of Goa, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands there are many majestic lesser-known beaches that can actually be a better option this season.

Destinations on western coastline

1) Dumas Beach

Dumas is a metropolitan seashore along the Arabian Sea situated 21 kilometers off South- West from Surat in Gujrat. It is a well-known tourist location with the specialty of black sandy stretch unlike any other famous beach in India, but less visited due to the spooky infamousness.

You’ll find enough lodging and food facilities nearby, as well as a few more places for exciting sightseeing.

2.Ranpar Seashore

Ranpar in Maharashtra is far from the maddening crowd and shrieking vendors typical to Indian ocean-front hot spots. Just 8 hours away from Mumbai, Just plonk down on the sand, fragrance the sea air and relax around.

Among the best secret beaches in India, this seashore can make short-term seclusion pretty lavish.

3. Mary’s Isle

St. Mary’s Isles are also known as the Coconut Isle, is a set of four little islands in the Arabian Sea off the shore of Malpe in Udupi, Karnataka. The area needs to be accessed by boat mostly, which somehow adds to the fun.

Further, the rich coral relics down the shoreline make this lesser-known beach a unique expedition.

The seashores of east

4)  Mandarmoni

Mandarmoni is one of the biggest and fast developing seaside resort towns in the state of West Bengal. It’s the most preferred weekend run-away from Kolkata, but not much known to other parts of the Country.  One can easily find most of the water-sports and adventure activities at Mandarmoni.

Ideal for people who want to enjoy the thrills of Goa on a low budget, except for cheap beers though!

5) Bakkhali-Frazergunj

This is double the Sea fest; it is actually a combination of a quiet serene shoreline of Bakkhali and the small rural fishing shore of Frazergunj. Take a dip in the Bay of Bengal and indulge in the mouth-watering treat with a variety of fresh seafood. With a glimpse of the wilderness of trees in the backdrop is just the place where one can enjoy solace or cozy escape.

Want some freaky eye-candy?  Do not miss out visiting the Crocodile project just a couple of KMS from Bakkhali duo.

6) Chandipur Beach

Chandipur is located in Baleswar District, Odisha, and is easily accessible from Balasore. The beach differs from the others as the water recedes up to 5 km during the ebb tide, well known among the populace of Odisha and neighboring states as a place where the blue alluring sea vanishes post-mid-day. But for the rest of the world the Chandipur shore is anonymous, hiding the nature’s wonderful phenomenon along with. A sight worth a lifetime!

7) Kalingapatnam Seashore

Two and a half hours from the city along the NH5 towards Kolkata is the beautiful Kalingapatnam beach of Andhra Pradesh. Drive through the quaint, adjacent town and you’ll see folk-style temples, vividly painted bungalows and flowering trees arching into a green canopy.

The water here reflects the blue above and the seashore is peaceful, it seems like a lucid dream away from the cacophony of bustling beaches. However, make sure you go well-stocked with food and water.

The lesser-known Peninsular Beaches

8) Karaikkal Coastline

The best organic seashore in Pondicherry; is one of the famous tourist attractions situated on the bank of Arasalar River.  It has the perfect identity for those seeking enjoyment, relaxed atmosphere, isolation, and piousness. The sound of water splashing and rumbling on boulder-bed is quite a soul-reviving.

9) Ezhimala Shore

Set in the footsteps of mountains Ezhimala beach is situated at North Kerala at Kannur region. An obvious closeness to nature can be felt here which is enchanting and calming.

But due to the shortage of tourist accommodations and lack of other activities, it should be preferred for day-time recreation, perhaps a great picnic spot.

10) Bekal Fort Beach

The splendid expansion of the thin shoreline near the Bekal fort in Kerela offers a fine imperial stay by the seashore. This place has been designed as a unique oceanfront location by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC) but is yet to acclaim fame.

Further, the Valiaparamba backwaters are just an hour drive which makes this place even more Tourist-tempting.

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