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The island of gods is the phrase used to aptly describe the incredible destination of Bali and it surely is that magnificent due to the lofty mountains, rugged coastlines, and volcanic cliff sides and black sandy beaches. The luxurious chunk of an island boasts a rich and diverse culture that is peculiar. There’s more to Bali than meets the eye- From an adventure in the waters and rocks to the architectural marvels and beautiful astonishingly carved temples and not to mention the delicious Balinese cuisine. To visit Bali is to dip a toe in all of these marvels and here are a few pointers to point you out for the top 20 best things to do in Bali

1. Kuta- Surf the waves

Bali isn’t a calm man’s spot.  Grab your surf and take a leap of faith .

Take your stand on the stunning waves and surf the waves chasing behind you along with a sunset watch with a chilled beer in your hand while resting on the smooth sands.

2. Treetop Adventure

Cavert like a bird or hop like a squirrel, swing like the Tarzan or just calmly zipline along the ropes in this beautiful Treetop adventure park located among the circumference of lush green trees with rays of fresh sunlight to have a fun-filled picnic day or a casual activity time- and that’s not on a specific day or month; its open all round the year.

3. Ubud- A delicious visit

Tingle your taste buds with a lunch in Bebek Bengil in Ubud. Bebel Bengil translates to “dirty duck” in Indonesian and is one of the tastiest restaurants in Ubud.

The unique dish of roasted duck here is sure to spark some feisty tastes as being the signature dish being boiled in a broth smeared with aromatic herbs and garnished with local spices just in the right proportion that you lick your fingers after the meal.

4. Padang Bai- Dive deep

Not one or two but 7 diving sites in the reach of a short boat ride offer you a unique rejuvenating diving experience. Dive alongside the pygmy seahorses, catsharks, ghost pipefish and the rarest Mola Mola-the oceanic sunfish- all in the calm shallow waters sure to delight you with the night diving in the blue lagoon

5. Yoga barn- relax your mind

As famous Bali is for luxury and enjoyment, it is the same for relaxation for enlightenment and peace too and with that in mind, make your way for the Yoga Barn .

Yoga Barn is one of the famous yoga retreats on the island that’s stationed in a quiet and contemplative atmosphere for various cleansing and detox programs and deal with the hustle in a slender way of life.

6. Tanjung Benoa- Hover water

Air with water is definitely a bit of an adventure there and so it happens to be in the beautiful and exciting waters of Tanjung benoa allowing you to take a leap and hover up to at least 10 meters into the air spectating Bali from a higher perspective that’s sure to wake up the adventurer in you.

7.  Celuk- A silver lining souvenir

The village of Celuk makes its name for the silversmiths that chisel their silverwork in a huge array of silver studios that display lustrous ornately designed silverware – ranging from glittering jewelry consisting of pendants to carefully crafted necklaces- offering you a perfect spot for a spotless shiny souvenir from the island of gods, Bali.

things to do in Bali justwravel
8.  Tanah Lot – A panoramic shrine

The beautifully positioned Hindu temple of Tanah Lot is probably the most buzzed attraction in Bali. The story goes that there used to be a bridge from the mainland to the temple but it was destroyed by the powerful sea.

Another interesting detail is that there is a cave with a magical spring underneath Tanah Lot. Oddly enough the water in the spring is fresh, whereas the temple is surrounded by salt ocean water.

 Sitting atop a magnificent boulder with its construction high in the air facing the shimmering sea along the high tide makes it a must-visit spot for a beautiful sunset if not for devotion.

9.  Ubud- a glance of culture

The arc of culture in Bali is the tag of this blissful place of Ubud.  Perfectly cupped among gleeful rolling rice paddies and stuffed with art galleries like the Neka Art museum take you through a journey of evolution of art in Bali and to accompany them jewelry, ceramics, and sculptures are up for sale as cultural souvenirs.

10. Bumbu Bali- Culinary delight

Put your hands and tastes at work by working with the professionals of the kitchen by enrolling in a cooking class that includes a trip to a local market for a glimpse of Balinese ingredients and then return back to cook a delightful tasty Balinese meal.

Also, earn a certificate of participation as a memento from this culinary hub.

11. The Kecak Dance

Dating back to the 1930s this amazing dance of Kecak is based on the story of the Hindu epic Ramayana. The dance takes its name from the “cak” sound that is repeated throughout the dance and the dance is a visual cultural portrayal all around the island

12.   Monkey forest

Spend some time with the primates in a lush green canopy covered forest. Housing over 500 monkeys, and 3 temples, the complex is a brilliant still standing construction dating back to the 14th century.

Buy a few bananas and feed the monkeys but also beware of the naughty chimps as they tend to run away with your sunglasses and other belongings.

13.   Tirta empul -A holy dip

Bathe in the sacred waters of Tirta Empul and stare in awe over the pretty architecture and a vast plethora of ornate statues and enjoy the calmness of the temple atmosphere sprinkled with a number of pools accompanied with a number of soothing of fountains temple compound consists of a petirtaan or bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go to for ritual purification.

The temple pond has a spring which gives out fresh water regularly, which Balinese Hindus consider to be holy or amritha.

14. Mount Batur- a tint of adventure

The most adventurous hike in the island of Bali might probably be the Mount Batur due to its daunting elevation of 1700 meters above sea level and one can take a trail to it that usually starts in the dawn at 4 am that gets you to witness a stunning and spectacular sunrise over the crater encircled by a stunning lake.

15. Ayung river- Race with the waters

Take a seat among the adventurous rafts in a river covered with white rapids and float down the Ayung passing local villages and lush forests with the gushing white water and giving you a wild ride speeding in the waters ample for hard adventure seekers.

16.   Kuta – live the night

The island is a land of partying and the night is the hour of parties. Make way for Kuta that’s full to the brim with nightclubs, live music events, and relaxed cafes.

Dance to the DJ or spend quality time with a cup of coffee and jazz music until the morning and let the night stay young and dance until you’re tired.

17.   Sanur- The calm waters

Although this place has waters that don’t dance there is an adventure waiting down the corner. Tie yourself up to a sail and soar high into the air while a boat pulls you around in the calm waters and experience the wild parasailing and many other activities like kiting and paddleboarding.

18.   Tulamben- Wreck diving

You can dive anywhere in all of Bali but Wreck diving is a thing that only Tulamben possesses. In the calm deep waters of this beautiful spot, you’ll get a glance on the wreck of the USAT Liberty cargo ship sunk in the second world war that tops one of the most famous wrecks in the world.

Not only the wreck but the coral gardens are sure to surprise you too. There’s a mystery to the waters of this place.

19.  Bali Marine- Safari

This beautiful combination of 60 diverse species of flora and fauna that gleefully greet you along with a spectacular safari and to top it off there are also dance and musical shows.

Safari in Bali

Music to the ears and a feast to the eyes seeing the animals roaming in the wild is indeed really crazy.

20.  Pura Besakih – a godly abode

There are probably hundreds of temples in Bali but none compares to the Mother Temple- the largest and holiest and the most scenic temple on the island. A stunning complex of 23 temples perched at an elevation of 1000 metres up the daunting slopes of Mt. Agung is what this temple can be described as.

Dedicated to the Shiva, the temple has various ceremonies especially on full moon days culminating large crowds in traditional clothing – a sight to truly behold.


The island of Bali is one of those places you could visit without a reason. It is just a getaway from the normal world and a very picturesque world to dive in and explore. With glorious wonders of manmade and nature alike, this place is a crazy choice of travel.

Contributed by : Aneesh Kumar

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