The History of Kee Monastery You Never Knew

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You might have come across photos of a really unique monastery on the internet or on your social feed. There are high chances that the photos would be of “Kee Monastery”, which is located in Spiti Valley.

Alright, so you have a mental picture of what Kee Monastery looks like. Are you curious about its history and want to learn more about this surreal monastery? Hang on with us as we unravel its story!

Story of Kee Monastery

It is said that the Kee Monastery was founded by Dromton in the 11th century (Brom-Ston, 1008 to 1064 CE) who was Atisha Dipankar’s pupil. Kee Monastery has been ravaged by many negative historical events such as attacks of the Mongol army over the period of many years and many lootings that happened by the various other armies.

In the 1840s, a fire broke out in the complex of the monastery which caused damages to the structure, and the Sikh regiment attacked the monastery in 1841.

It didn’t end here as in 1975, a violent earthquake ravaged the monastery and shook it to its core, causing massive architectural damages. But the restoration and repairs carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and State Public Works Department, helped Kee Monastery reclaim its former lost glory.

With such historical events being a part of Kee Monastery over the years gone by, it is no surprise that the monastery has a lot of artifacts that tells more about the lost stories of Kee Monastery and the Buddhist culture and religion.

When you enter the monastery, you will find the walls adorned with various stunning murals. Other notable things to see include manuscripts, musical instruments and Thangkas (a religious painting on a scroll).

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