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Things to pack for Treks

Things to pack for treks
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How many times has this happened?  All planned up for the next trek and once we reach our basecamp and start unpacking we find a list of items missing that we require on the trek. On normal trips, things can be managed, but on treks sometimes the situation gets really bad as not everything is available at the base camps. Check the list mentioned below for all the essential things that you need to pack for a trek.

Just helping out fellow wravelers with the list of items we deem necessary for any altitude trek in the Himalayas.  Feel free to add any item you think that we missed out on.

For Summer Treks (From March to October)
  • 1 Down Jacket (Main jacket)
  • 1 Raincoat/ Poncho
  • 1 Inner thermal Layer
  • Trek pants or lower
  • Extra pair of Socks
  • Trekking/ Hiking Shoes (having ankle support and water resistance)
  • Woolen Cap
  • Rucksack (At least 40L)
  • T-shirts or fleeces
  • Undergarments
  • Water Bottle (carry your own water bottle and use it by refilling again and again from different sources available on mountains. Instead of purchasing plastic water bottles)
  • Tissue Roll
  • Medicines
  • Sunscreen (necessary to avoid sunburn)
Winter Treks (From November to February)
  • 1 Down Jacket (Main jacket)
  • 2 Thermal Layers
  • 1 Raincoat/ Poncho
  • 1 Sweater/ Hoodie
  • Trek pants or lower
  • 1 bottom Thermal layer
  • Woolen Socks (Multiple pair)
  • Trekking/ Hiking Shoes (should have ankle support and waterproof)
  • Woolen Cap
  • Rucksack (At least 50L)
  • Mufflers/ Neck Warmer
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Extra pair of Clothes (t-shirts/fleeces)
  • Undergarments
  • Slippers
  • Sunscreen (necessary to avoid sunburn)
  • Sunglasses (mandatory if it’s a snow trek)
  • Water Bottle
  • Medicines
Optional Things to pack for Treks
  • Torch
  • Wet Tissue (we recommend using dry tissues,  as they are biodegradable)
  • Hand Sanitizer or paper soap
  • Slippers
  • Power Bank
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Match Box
  • Knife
  • Hiking Pole
  • Waterproof Rucksack cover (in case of rain)

We have tried mentioning all the essential things that you need to pack for treks in the Himalayan region. Depending on the weather in the month of your trek and also the altitude of the trek few variations might be needed.

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