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All Girls Trip to Meghalaya – Here’s what you get to see

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Written by Harnaaz kaur

Exploring the terrains of the Abode of clouds with your girl gang is like a beautiful escape from the girl boss life to recharge. An All girls backpacking trip to Meghalaya is the right tropical getaway to go on this season. 

Meghalaya has the best of everything, be it the majestic waterfalls, pristine roads, heavenly skies, adventures and even simply rejuvenating activities. Additionally, leaving you with unforgettable memories with your girlfriends or simply new additions to the gang makes it n experience worth having. 

There is so much to explore in this beautiful state, and getting to unwrap all that it offers, with other women who are just as enthusiastic about traveling as you are, is the best combination. 

Here’s what you can expect from an All Girls Trip to Meghalaya: 

1. Witness the beautiful Krang Shuri waterfall 

Krang Shuri Waterfall
Krang Shuri Waterfall

Meghalaya is best known for the numerous breathtaking waterfalls that it houses. Among these is an offbeat beautiful waterfall known as Krang Shuri. It is roughly 30 kilometers from Jowai in the West Jaintia Hills district

Amidst tall mountains, the water falls down the cliff with the sunshine making it brighter and more beautiful. Witnessing this straight-out-of-movie waterfall with your girls will make the best of memories. 

The water collected at the foot of this waterfall is of stunning blue shade which will make you forget about all the times you felt blue. Additionally, the path leading to the falls was sculpted from natural multicolored rocks discovered in the region which were evenly spaced and positioned to enhance the visual. 

Swimming in the pool along with your girls and dwelling on the delicious food available in the shops nearby while sitting on the sitting bamboo benches? Well, we are quite certain that the best days of life look like this.

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2. Explore the end of hills ‘Laitlum Canyons’

Laitlum Canyons
Laitlum Canyons

Nestled comfortably in Smit Valley is this exquisite canyon that offers a stunning view of the whole valley. It is less explored yet a popular tourist destination on your all-girls trip to Meghalaya. With the most enchanting views, trekking options, and engaging sightseeing, it has so much to offer. 

Catching up on all the gossip with your girls while enjoying the best sunrise is something you can definitely look forward to. It is also called the amphitheater of Meghalaya owing to its beautifully painted sky of colors ranging from musky browns and lush greenery to blushing reds. 

Another intriguing feature of Laithlum Canyon is the 3000-Step-Stairway, which adventurers want to cross off their bucket list.

The Laitlum stream and its charming wooden bridge call out for a cute little picnic with your girls post-trekking. It would be a rejuvenating treat at a place that offers wide-angle vantage views of four waterfalls. 

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3. Camping in Shnongpdeng

Umngot River
Umngot River

Sitting comfortably near the bonfire with lip-smacking food, drinks, and meaningful conversation with boss ladies around you. This is what your overnight camping experience would be like in Shnongpdeng on your all-girls trip to Meghalaya

Curled up in the Jaintia hills of Meghalaya is this tiny beautiful hamlet, where the infamous Umngot river flows. It is the best-kept secret of this northeastern state and is also occasionally called the unknown cousin of Dawki. 

You can have a view of the India-Bangladesh Border, engage in boating, glance at the suspension bridge, and connect with locals here in this town. 

Campaign in Shnongpdeng is an offbeat thing to do, but surely something that will make you dance to the beats with excitement. Additionally, you would feel like a scene in the movie with an all-girls cast having the best time of their lives. 

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4. A visit to the cleanest village in Asia – Mawlynnong 

Mawlynnong - Asia's cleanest Village
Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest Village

This captivating town speaks for itself by holding the title of being the cleanest village in Asia. Exploring the clean roads and taking a stroll around with your girls while letting your hair flow carefree is just the kind of experience that will make you feel alive. 

It was indeed a hidden gem of Meghalaya which has now found its way to being renowned because of the enormous qualities that it possesses. Along with being known for its cleanness, it is also known as God’s Garden

You will get to gaze through the tree top viewpoint and tour the balancing rock. Additionally, breathing in the fresh clean air and the sight of beautiful rare found flowers around will make you feel as if you’re in a mystical land. 

The village is a beautiful creation of god, and the locals are keen on enhancing its aesthetics and maintaining the purity of the place. Interestingly. You won’t witness a single piece of trash here, which is something unusual in metropolitan cities. 

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5. Experience the mesmerizing Seven Sisters falls

Nohsngithiang Falls
Nohsngithiang Falls

Getting to witness the seven sister falls along with your soul sisters seems to be just the right thing to do on your all-girls trip to Meghalaya. It is a stunning union of seven waterfalls falling together and giving birth to a  majestic view. 

Nohsngithiang Falls is indeed a tourist attraction like no other, with the sound of water falling across the cliffs, the droplets projecting the sunlight, and exploding into vivid colors. Additionally, it is among the tallest waterfalls in India.

The waterfall’s seven segments represent the northeast’s seven sister states: Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. To experience the best of this fall, it should be witnessed during the monsoon season as it is a rain-fed waterfall. 

There is a cafeteria nearby to dwell into some delicious snacks while enjoying the view with the girls. It is an aesthetically pleasing place that makes the heads turn and indeed a sight to hold. 

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6. Trek to Double Decker Living Roots Bridge

Double Decker Living Roots Bridge
Double Decker Living Roots Bridge

Witness the evergrowing ‘living’ roots in a hamlet of Nongriat. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in Meghalaya, and it is surely worth all the hype. Built by the local Khasi tribes from the roots of large trees, it is a man-made wonder. 

Just like it is said, that all the beautiful things in life don’t come easily, the same is true for this bridge. Trekking to this involves numerous obstacles and climbing around a thousand steps. However, being around girls who’ll push you to your limits will be something that will pay off here. 

Interestingly, the Khasis supervise these roots to expand into the shape of bridges on the surface of a river. It is said that it takes about 15 years for the roots to get stronger, so on as the years go by this bridge just gets stronger. 

The scenic view is worth every single drop of sweat, and it will be a beautiful witness of a phenomenal place. Unraveling this bridge and a one-kind experience with your girls will make up for a great storytime. 

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If you couldn’t help but visualize your All-girls trip to Meghalaya while reading about all that you will get to witness then we are pretty sure you don’t need any signs to join us for this experience of a lifetime. Tag along!

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