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Exciting Long Weekend Destinations To Explore In North-East

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Written by Sahil Singh

North-East India is without any second thought the best travel destination for a leisure-filled vacation. The charming landscapes, friendly locals, diverse culture, and language. All this makes the eastern part of India simply heaven on earth.

From solo backpackers to honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts to serenity seekers, North-East India offers something to every type of traveler.

Are you looking out for an awesome destination to travel on a long weekend? My friend then your search ends here. North-East has a plethora of beautiful places where it’s recommended to stay for a longer duration. Also known as seven sisters, a holiday to this heavenly beautiful part of India will give you innumerable lifelong memories.

So hop on and plan to explore these amazing destinations in North-East India on your next long weekend this year.

An offbeat place decorated with towering pine trees and pristine streams, Anjaw is one of the best places to visit in North-East India for a long weekend. This serene place amidst mountains will give you much-needed break from the hubbub of city life. Visit this picturesque hill retreat and explore the culture and history of the place.

If you love sunrise, then do take an early morning walk to Dong village blessed with serenity all around. This small village is known for its magical sunrise. Also, plan to visit Kibithoo – a historical town that still maintains that rustic appeal.

  • Ravangla (Sikkim) –

Located in the beautiful Sikkim, Ravangala is another holiday destination in North-East India where you can go on a long weekend. Pay homage at Bonn and Ralang monasteries, head to the famous Buddha Park, and soak yourself in the soul-soothing environment.

Ravangla hot water springs can also be added to the trip itinerary located near the main town. So, if you are looking out for a fun-filled and delightful vacation amidst the Himalayas then a plan a trip to Ravangla.

  • Dawki (Meghalaya) –

Dawki is nestled amidst West Jaintia hills and truly blessed by nature. The road journey to Dawki offers scenic beauty. This Meghalayan town is decorated with captivating vistas and thrilling slopes. Dawki acts as the border town between India and Bangladesh.

The main attraction of this pleasant hill retreat is Jaflong Zero Point and annual boat race (held in February) in Umngot River. Add this mind-blowing destination in North-East India into your bucket list to be explored on a long weekend.

  • Kohima (Nagaland) –

One of the less-traveled yet extremely beautiful places in Nagaland, Kohima is a perfect option for a long weekend getaway to North-East India. From the vibrant culture of Nagaland to interesting historical places, there is so much to explore in this hill retreat.

A small village walk to Barra Basti will give you a close insight into the rich culture of the Naga community. Do visit Kohima War Memorial, made in the memory of over 1000 soldiers who gave up their lives protecting India from Japanese during World War II.

  • Mechuka (Arunachal Pradesh) –

Want to spend a blissful vacation with your loved ones? Then Mechuka in Arunachal is one such destination of North-East India where you can travel on long weekends. Lies secluded from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Mechuka offers stunning views of verdant valleys and gurgling streams.

This hill retreat is adorned with towering pine trees and thorn bushes. Situated close to China Border, Mechuka is home to the Buddhist community and Samten Yongcha monastery (400 years old monastery) of Mahayana.

This is a remote and offbeat place and also provides few adventurous activities like trek to Along and Mechuka Valley.

  • Jampui Hill (Tripura) –

Jampui Hills offers enchanting views of snow-peaked mountains and much-needed solitude. The refreshing mountain breeze and all-time pleasant weather of this quaint hill retreat will make your stay a memorable one.

Spending a long weekend in this beautiful hill station of North-East India is a great option for romantic couples and honeymooners. For adventure buffs, trekking Jampui Hills will be a lifetime experience.

Known as India’s first district island, Majuli is gradually gaining popularity among travelers. Don’t miss out to explore this awesome North-East travel destination on your trip to Assam. Majuli is also called World’s biggest river island.

Here you see the influence of Assamese neo-Vaisnavite culture. Decorated with the pristine beauty of Brahmaputra River, a long weekend trip to Majuli Island will surely bring you close to nature. The only way to commute here is via ferries.

Cool! Isn’t it?

So, which destination are you choosing for the upcoming long weekend? Do tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check out our upcoming summer weekend trips.

Contributed By: Sahil Singh

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