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Why Deoriatal Chandrashila is a great trek for beginners?

Written by Mohit Agarwal
The most enchanting short trek

The trek to Deoriatal offers the best forest trek amongst all and the beauty of the trail will itself keep your feet walking towards the lake. There is a section between Deoria Tal lake and Bhrujgali camp which will make amaze you with the variety of forests you will be witnessing.

It has all from the thickly wooded trees to the moss-covered trails and you also get to weave through clearings in the jungles.

Secondly, birds. If you are a bird lover then you will have hundreds of them to sight and capture. Though Goechala Trek in Sikkim is famed for its bird trail the truth is that Deoria Tal trek showcases more birds in a day then the whole Goechala Trek.

And what more? You camp bang in the middle of the forest in a wide-open clearing at Rohini Bugyal. Once at the Deoriatal Lake camping ground you will feel like the peaks are at an arm’s distance and the mirror reflection of which can be seen in the pristine Deoria Tal Lake just next to your camping grounds.

An Easy trek 

Though the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek is apt for beginners it does require you to be physically fit. Your stamina is put to test on the second day as you climb up to cover about 8 km before your next night camping ground. The Steep climb to Chandrashila from Deoria Tal can get quite straining for those planning to go unprepared.

Though the trail itself is not risky at times of snow it gets slippery and makes it tricky to walk over. But with proper gears and spikes things are pretty much sorted out. So don’t hold yourself back but just prepare yourself a bit both mentally and physically.

So get your self trained at least to a point that you can jog 4 km at a stretch or go for brisk walking but just make sure you build up your stamina to enjoy the trek and effortlessly climb the summit.

The magnificent beauty of the grand summit climb

The grand summit climb may get quite tough and would require a good level of physical stamina but the views atop will heal all your tiredness. Uttarakhand offers views of the tallest summits of India but a climb to Chandrashila is the best and easiest way to witness them.

As you approach the summit, a picture of all the major summits of Western and Eastern Uttarakhand unfolds one after the other. No other trek would offer you such an easy approach to witnessing these panoramic vistas of the mighty Himalayas.

Its altitude

You all must be well versed with a condition called Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) that is faced due to the lack of oxygen. Though not mandatory but the chances of facing AMS are high at a higher altitude and especially when our body is in the workout mode like in the case of hiking.

Now, as Deoria Tal lake is at a height of 2348m having a well-marked trail, the chances of facing AMS are reduced to a greater extent. That means more enjoyment but with detectives’ eyes on any symptoms.

Connectivity to road

Just stay positive and believe in yourself and the things will fall right.

But, for the unforeseen conditions of emergency, there are easy exit routes from Sari and Chopta that have well connectivity with the roads. So should you feel like needing medical help you can be easily taken to the city areas?

There’s more besides the trek

Now that you have succeeded the climb and back you can reward yourself with your leisure time with your family or the new friends you would have made during the journey so far. There are a lot of tourist attractions in and Haridwar and the major one being witnessing the evening aarti on the Ganga Ghat.

Winding up the post and leaving the rest up to you for there should be few elements of surprise.

So, whether you plan solo or with friends & family, don’t miss to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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