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Brahmatal Trek – The perfect winter Trek

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Written by Shatadal Gia Sen

The spectacular Himalayas never fail to get you besotted and no matter how many times you’ve gawked at a similar view it’ll always be enthrallingly soothing to behold such exorbitant beauty of nature. There’s certainly more than what meets the eye; the trails bedaubed with fresh snow-fringed with absolutely gorgeous picturesque and a sense of adventure with every step forward.

Yes, it’s the destinations that include a moderate trek and it’s worth testing your zeal for the thrill.

Courtesy - Pexels Courtesy – Pexels

Among the several scenic and serene destinations that come with a good amount of bravura to scale the heights and get to the spot…  Brahmatal trek at nearly 13,000 feet above sea level is one that promises a trip of a lifetime even in peak winter season… especially in January.

This winter trek has to offer both. The view of the mountains such as Trishul and Nanda Ghunti in the backdrop is absolutely astonishing. But, what makes this trek even more awesome is the fact that you will be walking on the fresh snow…. or perhaps get pelted by a fresh round of snowfall.

The first-day trip is a super exciting drive to Lohajung and you get to soak in all the ethereal beauty sweeping back hurriedly on the way from either off Dehradun or Haridwar or Rishikesh. You trek to the Bekaltal, on the second day and camp in the lap of gorgeous Oak and Rhododendron trees.

While you are trekking, two things count the most – the weather and the awesome view ahead.

Brahmatal winter trek justwravel

Brahmatal winter trek justwravel

The third day begins with climbing the steep terrains to meadows at Telandi. Walking through the lovely green meadows, when the cold winds of January render you an exhilarating experience, with each step you walk toward the main attraction of this trip – Brahmatal.

A few meters descend would greet you at the brink of the magnificent lake fringed with steep slopes in Elysian white, scintillating as every ray of the sun strikes the surface.  Well, you’ll need a bit of luck on your side though to spot the glassy thin frozen layer over the Brahmatal that sprawls as a magical and see-through cover.

The camping site could simply be close enough to allow you to pass into the night while still being at the lakeside. The night sky full of twinkling stars creating an unmistakably identical twin of its own on the earth underneath is certainly a rare sight to witness…. something that will continue to fill you up with joy and glee even at the gloomiest hour.

All you’ve got to do is to close your eyes and trace your memory back to the point… just imagine!

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The prime time of the trip is certainly over; nonetheless, the fourth day will bring on breath-taking sights and picturesque photographs to grace you.

Better start off early though to climb to the Brahmatal pass which gives you the enchanting clear glimpse at the snow-capped Mount Trisul and Mount Nanda Ghunti gleaming in the sunlight…. and the last look at the besotting blue Brahmatal lying right at the center from atop surrounded by green up-hill grasslands turned white and snowy mountains lurking in the rear.

Another primeval but pressingly gorgeous night of camping, bonfire, and star-gazing, before you’re on your return trek via the Dumdum route and off to Lohajung.

Trust me the great mountain views are worth every effort. Anyone who is physically fit and is older than 10 years can take the 32 km trek, definitely, it’s a long one and you need to be prepared for it well. There’s no big risk though several exit points lie of the path that will get you back to the city in a few hours.

Keep your carry-on light, essentials handy, memorize some quick hacks to deal with altitude that might get you short-of-breath and dizzy momentarily and you’re going to make it through just fine and make loads of ebullient memories.

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