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Best Camping Destinations In Rajasthan


14 May, 2020

If you are into adventures and love exploring new places that offer surreal views and mind-boggling experiences, then Rajasthan is your place to be. This place is not only a cultural and historic vanity but also offers an exceptional desert camping experience of a lifetime.

Sleeping in tents on deserts, camel rides, dune bashing, etc. are some of the highlights of this exceptional camping experience on the Thar Desert. In this article, we would talk about some Best Camping Destinations which would help you to experience Rajasthan differently.

But before we start, one thing that you have to remember when you go camping here is that the place mostly has a dry and arid topography. During summers, the temperature goes as high as 49°C, so the best time to visit the place would be after monsoons when you would be able to witness pleasing weather. Oct to March is the ideal time of the year when you would be able to witness different colorful festivals as well.

Is camping in Rajasthan a good idea?

Camping in Rajasthan is an experience that you would remember for the rest of your life. Amidst the tranquillity of the desert, you would be able to explore the true essence of the country. This would give you some peaceful time away from the pandemonium of cities and towns. The camps would amalgamate your indoor and outdoor nomadic life beautifully and make your stay a truly memorable one.

Some of the things to look out for during your camping in Rajasthan would include:

  The traditional Rajasthani dance on the dunes of the Thar Desert. This is like a festival of colorful clothes, beautifully decorated camels, and much more. You can also go for a camel ride or explore the desert on 4×4 SUV, which would surely trigger your adrenaline.

     The evenings in the desert are truly beautiful and unique. You would not be able to understand them unless you check it out on your own. The nights would bring down the folklore and fairy tale of the Arabian Nights. The beat of the drums, the bonfire, the music, the beautiful dancers, you would have a time of your life here. As the night would pass by, with the falling temperature, you would be able to discover a romantic enigma that would make everything more special.

Places where you can camp in Rajasthan

     Jaisalmer- If you like the utter vibrancy of Arabian Nights, then you would love camping in Jaisalmer. Situated in the heart of Thar Desert, the beautiful sand dunes justify the name ‘Golden City’. The place bears a lot of historical significance and is a popular destination for desert camping in the country. From ultra-luxurious farms to the basic eco ones, you would get everything staying here.

You can go for any of the desert camps as per your preference but do check out all the activities that are offered in their packages along with the price before finally booking one. Jaisalmer has numerous choices for camps and each one of them is amazing in their own unique way.

     Jodhpur- Nothing is beautiful and when you camp in Jodhpur, you would fully understand that. This beautiful spread of nothingness would offer you some of the best experiences of life. This is a perfect getaway from the hustles and bustles of the modern world.

You can go for desert excursions here along with camel trek, village walk, and crane spotting. You would get beautiful resorts here with all the facilities if you like to have a royal experience.

    Pushkar- A popular place for Hindu pilgrimage and an aesthetically beautiful city, Pushkar is a great choice when you want to go camping on the Thar Desert. This small town is bordered by Aravalli hills and offers mesmerizing views of the distance and the clear night sky.

You would get an added bonus if you go camping here during the Pushkar festival. This place is not to satisfy the adventurer in you. Rather it is for those people who love to know and witness the culturally rich side of India and loves participating in different festivals.

    Ranthambore- Camping in Ranthambore can be a unique and mesmerizing experience. You would love the feel of being in the wilderness among tigers and leopards on your stay here. If you love wildlife photography, then you would get some of the best shots here.

This place is very famous for its dense tiger population; hence you can expect to see some wild animals here and get great shots. You can camp amongst the jungle in some great machaans and villas to enjoy life in the jungle at its best.

     Bikaner- The place truly justifies its name, ‘The Camel Country’ due to a large number of camel production farms that are present here. You would get an ample amount of camping destinations in this area along with the various outdoor activities.

You can go for a camel safari on the sand dunes, a bonfire with authentic Bikaneri cuisines, and enjoy cultural evenings, village safari, etc. But do remember that this place has some extremes of temperature. It is either too hot in summer or too cold in the winter.

To get a real feeling of adventure, you should choose camps that are based in rural areas. The best thing about these camps is their distance to the sand dunes are really less. You can enjoy the true essence of rural Rajasthan in these places as the people employed in the camps are also from the villages nearby.

You can get some traditional rooms here with lip-smacking authentic cuisines. You can choose these camps as they would provide you with a unique experience. They would also arrange for some local entertainment events like Rajasthani Folk Dance and Puppet Shows.

You will come across various desert camps, so check what is included in their packages to select the ideal one for you.

Do try these camping destinations in Rajasthan- you will surely take home some of the best experiences of your life.

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