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All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley – Here’s what you get to see


Written by Harnaaz kaur
06 Jun, 2022

An All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley should be ticked off your bucket list for many reasons. If a backpacking trip with your girl squad has been your dream, then you should turn that dream into reality by visiting Spiti Valley.

The pristine Spiti Valley with its picturesque landscapes, offbeat terrains, and peaceful monasteries offers experiences that will help you rediscover yourself while bonding with other women who share the same passion for traveling as you do.

This mighty Spiti river is overlooked by highlands and Himalayan peaks. The winding roads and rocky terrains make the drive to Spiti full of thrill and adventure. And in the lap of crescent moon-shaped lakes such as Chandrataal, one finds the peace of mind that they crave in metropolitan cities. 

Here’s what you get to do on an All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley:

  • Visit The Last Village of India – Chitkul
All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley

Just the thought of visiting last village of India is so thrilling, and imagine visiting one with your girl gang. Nestled in Kinnaur Valley, Chitkul offers an experience like no other. The cleanest air in the country and breeze winds flowing through your hair. The villagers here welcome everyone with a warm smile, making everyone feel at home, even when they’re away from it.

Spending a few moments here with the cool breeze flowing through your hair will surely make you feel like you’re the main character in a Bollywood movie. If you are someone who loves to know more about the culture of a place, the locals here will always be more than willing to answer your questions – with a big charming smile. 

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  • Send letters to your loved ones from the Highest Post-office in the World.
All girls trip to Spiti valley

If you are wondering why sending letters is such a unique thing to do in Spiti Valley, then hear us out, it’s because you’d be sending a piece of your heart from the highest post office in the world. For all the hopeless romantics out there who’d choose handwritten letters over texts any day, Hikkim is a blessing.

At an altitude of 4,440 meters above sea level, this tiny post office links a cluster of small villages to the rest of the world by the most beautiful mode of communication. A visit to Hikkim will allow you to let the words flow the moment your pen touches paper and that feeling is simply unmatched.

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  • Escape the City Noise by meditating in the Monasteries
 All Girls trip to Spiti Valley
Key Monastery

We would like to believe that the ‘S’ in Spiti stands for the profound spiritual experiences the monasteries have to offer. Some of the monasteries in Spiti Valley are even a thousand years old and contain ancient relics of Buddha.

Meditating in these monasteries with the aroma of incense wafting through the space will calm your mind. Which will help you let go of all your inhibitions. This is perhaps one of the best parts of An All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley. Even spending just a few moments of silence will rejuvenate your mind. Once the door of the monastery re-opens, a new and better version of you will step out into the world.

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  • Get High on Life with your Girl Gang at Chicham
All Girls trip to Spiti Valley.

Spiti is home to many exciting spots and well known for the adventures it has to offer. One of the most iconic places in Spiti Valley is Asia’s Highest Bridge – Chicham.

It is truly astonishing to know how close a place can be to being the perfect one. Chicham which is Asia’s Highest Bridge stands tall on a striking height of 13,596 ft. It acts as a connective link between two offbeat villages, Chicham and Kibber. It is one of the Oh-So-Instagram places in Spiti which are trending all over reels. You must have come across at least one and shared it with your girl gang; how about being with them here? Running across the bridge and making boomerangs will surely make you feel high on life.

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  • Experience the beauty of the serene Lakes Of Spiti
All girls trip to Spiti valley

The lakes of Spiti Valley are different from anything else you’ve ever seen or experienced. The reason these pristine lakes are so incredible is that they are undisturbed, and you must visit these lakes due to their exotic locations and cruising altitudes.

The most surreal feeling that visiting these lakes comes when you dip your feet in the lake with your best friends and can feel every bad feeling flowing away with the water. The crescent shaped moon lake Chandrataal is a visual treat. Spending a night under the starry skies at Chandratal will be a life-changing experience for you and your best friends.

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  • Visit the Highest Village in the World
All girls trip to Spiti valley

In an All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley, you also get to traverse through the World’s Highest Village – Komic. Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, this small has a small population of only 50 to 60 people.

Unlike the metropolitan cities, the houses here are differentiated by lush lawns. This will allow you and your girlfriends to enjoy the suns rays and have a well-deserved break from the bustling traffic noises. You will be disconnected from the rest of world and will be spending your time building connections with your girl friends. Surrounded by alpine slopes and breathtaking valleys, Komic will let you see the world in a new way.

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If you are thinking about sharing this blog in your girl gang group chat with a ‘Lets Gooo’ text, then you certainly have a good eye. It’s time to tick An All Girls Trip to Spiti Valley off your bucket list.


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