6 Backpacking Trips to do in 2021

If given a choice between being a traveller or a backpacker, we would definitely choose the latter. That being said, here are 6 backpacking trips to do in 2021 that we recommend you go to.  Backpacking trips are the latest fad and these trips are much more fun and adventurous than your conventional travel. You … Read more

9 Reasons Why the Ziro Music Festival Is the Coolest Musical Delight Ever

9 reasons for Ziro music Festival

Reasons why the Ziro Music Festival is the Coolest Musical Festival! If you are an avid traveler keen on natural landscapes, then you must already be aware of the beautiful Ziro Valley. The Ziro Valley is located in the Lower Subasiri district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and the lush green valley hosts the … Read more

10 Reasons to visit Arunachal Pradesh

Reasons to visit Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, one of the northeastern states of India is always spoken about with words of awe and amaze. Images of lush green forests, quaint nature-oriented people, and momos strike us when we think of this state. Here are 10 reasons/destinations to visit Arunachal Pradesh and you should make it your next holiday destination. 1.Monastery … Read more

Ziro Festival of Music

Ziro Festival of Music - JustWravel (23)

Ziro Music Festival is a 4-day outdoor festival, organized every year in the month of September.  Ziro, located in the lower Subansari district, a small town in Arunachal Pradesh home to the people of the Apatani tribe is the host of this Music Festival. Apatani people are known for their hospitality, love for music, and … Read more

Talle Valley – The hidden beauty of Arunachal Pradesh


Talle Valley accounts for one of the many unexplored or less explored trails in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Bearing a maximum altitude of 9,000ft, this adventurous journey has a lot more to offer than you can just imagine. The trek serves you wide variety of flora and fauna along with everlasting views of … Read more

Visit These Unexplored Places In Arunachal Pradesh

unexplored places in Arunachal Pradesh justwravel

When it comes to travelling to north-east India, Arunachal Pradesh doesn’t disappoint at all. Blessed by nature’s bounty, this extraordinary travel destination offers a plethora of options to spent a leisure-filled holiday amidst the mighty Himalayas. Secluded from the rest of the country, the lush green surroundings and untouched beauty of Arunachal Pradesh will give … Read more

An awesome experience at Ziro festival 2016 – the ultimate destination for live music lovers


India’s aamchi Tomorrowland; the Ziro festival offers a euphoric extravaganza of music and jolly multitude. The essence of live music and cravings for the camping experience along with the memory frames from Tomorrowland videos inspired me to venture into the realms of amazing Arunachal Pradesh to plunge into the rhythm of life – best known as … Read more

A Complete Guide to Arunachal Pradesh

Complete guide Arunachal Pradesh JustWravel

A venerable nature’s paradise lies in the north-easternmost corner of the Indian subcontinent. Teeming with virgin forests, gorgeous peaks and home to 26 indigenous tribes, Arunachal Pradesh is unexplored and inviting. A patch of green on the Indian map, the largest member of the Seven Sisters has rightly owned the sobriquet “Land of Dawn Lit … Read more

Experience the glory of music at Ziro Festival Arunachal Pradesh

Experience Ziro Music Festival

Ziro Festival of Arunachal Pradesh, India is one of the grandest outdoor music festivals of India. Back in 2012, Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist Anup Kutty conceived the idea. The magnificence of the festival lasts for 4 days at Ziro Valley, 5500 feet above sea level. The picturesque view of mountains around it makes the … Read more