Why do Snow Leopards Love Winter Spiti?

Snow Leopards? Winter Spiti? What is the connection between both? Just like you, these big cats come down to Spiti Valley during the winter season. Let us tell you about what happens when winter sets in this Trans-Himalayan valley. “Snow Leopard” is a large predator cat which resides in Central and South Asia, including India. … Read more

Spiti Valley Opens for Travelling in 2021

A news that could bring a smile to many travellers is finally here. Spiti Valley, which has been majorly closed for the most part of 2020, is reopening starting Feb 17th, 2021. The decision to reopen Spiti Valley has been taken with a lot of discussion and deliberation. Also the rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccination … Read more

5 reasons not to visit “Winter Spiti”

Winter Spiti? You might still be huddled in your blanket while you are reading this. You might even be cursing why do winters come, why can’t there be eternal spring and pleasant weather forever? You might have heard of a destination known as “Spiti”.  No? Let us help you out! With rough terrains, exotic wildlife, … Read more

Post Lockdown Travel Scenario Q&A

Post lockdown travel scenario Q&A

The human race is free spirited, it wants to explore, travel, run and fly but it doesn’t want to stop. This very innate nature in every human being has led to all the achievements and advancements of the modern world that we know of and experience each day. 2020 as a year was the start … Read more

Memories from my recent Spiti Valley road trip with JustWravel

Drizzling meadows, catching rainbows, taking halts at every corner that we found picturesque, I never could have imagined this trip would leave such a long-lasting and deep impact on my soul. From watching the sun and the clouds play hide and seek in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, every moment has made a home in my heart. What acted as a cherry on the top was an amazing company of enthusiasts who were full of life and positive vibes. So let me take you on a journey of a lifetime and share my personal experience on a recent road trip to the land of the higher Himachal.

How to Plan Your Day In Kaza (Spiti Valley)

plan your day in Kaza justwravel

The Himalayas have magic that attracts you every time you visit them. And when it comes to extraordinary landscapes, the middle land is known as ‘Spiti’ outshines all other mountain retreats. An isolated region tucked between trans Himalayan ranges, Kaza is the heart of Spiti Valley and is completely different in terms of picturesque vistas, … Read more

7 Reasons to Visit Spiti Valley

7 reasons to visit spiti valley - JustWravel

If one is looking for some adventure in life, then Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh will give you enough reasons for your escape from civilization to the pure bliss of nature in the solitude of mountains. Spiti Valley is a snow desert with huge diversity and beauty in the Himalayas which lies between India and … Read more

Commonly Asked Questions About Spiti Valley Trip

A serene and picturesque valley, Spiti lies close to the Indo Tibetan border. Spiti Valley is originally part of the combined districts of Spiti and Lahaul, situated in the northern border of Himachal Pradesh. If you get a chance to visit this place, you would be spellbound by the unique landscapes which were supposed to … Read more

Planning a Road Trip to Spiti Valley Chandratal

Spiti Valley is a cold desert located in Himachal Pradesh. Lahaul & Spiti is the region and both are valleys. It is accessible only by road and can be reached from Manali and Shimla. Spiti Valley is also one of the least populated regions in India.

Being one of the remotest region and accessible only for a few months, it has become famous in people who love traveling in the Himalayas. The landscape is very different from the other valleys and can be compared to a certain extent to Ladakh

Things to pack for Spiti Valley Road Trip

Things to pack for Spiti Valley Road Trip justwravel

10 day Road Trip to Spiti Valley explores various naturally furnished regions of Himachal Pradesh. Entering through Shimla you have the Kinnaur Valley, Nako, Tabo, Dhankar, Pin Valley, Lahaul and Spiti Valley & finally to Chandrataal Lake. A trip of an ever-changing landscape. When on this road trip its good to pack according to the … Read more