8 Best Spiritual Places To Visit In India

As we travel to adventurous mountains and soothing beaches in India, we realize India is full of diversity, culture and spirituality. Spiritual Tourism comes naturally to this country with endless places of worship. The number of ashrams, temples and monasteries can surprise you and interest you in spiritual awakening. These destinations are homes to pilgrims, … Read more

Meghalaya Tourism: A Backpackers’ Traveling Guide

Standing amidst lush green mountains, the wind gushes past you. Skies turn amber, and the rainbow’s unending arc disappears behind the mountains. The slight drizzle accompanies you while you embrace the exquisiteness of Nature. Well! That’s Meghalaya tourism defined in the shortest world that I could’ve used. Parked in the picturesque East of India, Meghalaya … Read more

An Impromptu Trip To The Land Of Happiness – Bhutan

What’s the most impromptu decision that you have made? Mine was on the first day of the New Year, during the wee hours of the morning. I looked up my phone and booked a ticket to Bagdogra, figuring it was the closest route to the land of happiness – Bhutan. Little did I know that … Read more

Unique Experiences You Encounter While Travelling

The world continues to revolve, so what stops you from exploring? A large portion of your life’s most unique experiences is encountered while travelling. Take a walk down your memory lane and relive all those moments where you thought, “This is the best moment of my life.” Life’s a journey with travel being your constant … Read more

Confused Between Traveling To The North East Of India? Don’t Be, Here’s Why

India is a country filled with diversity, culture, landscapes and cuisines. If that wasn’t enough, a variety of weather conditions too! How can you choose in between traveling destinations, say the North or North-East of India? Well, there are three kinds of people. One, who wish to travel to a particular place and have an … Read more

Rajasthan Tourism: A Guide to Solo Traveling and Backpacking Through The State

The soaring sun, glittering sands, mystique forts, lakes galore, invite you to the diverse state of Rajasthan.  A state enriched with warm hospitality, where you connect better with strangers than your relatives! Traveling here will give you an insight into why traveling solo is essential. If it’s your first solo trip, this article will be … Read more

The Importance of Do Dham Yatra

An epitome of solace and religious belief, the Do Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand is world renowned. It has played a major significance and role in the Hindu mythology and Mahabharata. If you are a believer, the importance of Do Dham Yatra in your life is unmissable. Kedarnath and Badrinath are a part of the Chottha … Read more

Why Visit Spiti Valley? Reasons Why Spiti Is Unique.

Spiti – A Pristine Dream. Where words fail you, musical winds influence you and beauty beguiles you. Ever wondered how it is to wake up, feel the chill go down your spine and cold in the air envelop you! Spiti Valley is a budding destination for travelers from across the globe. Reasons why you need … Read more

Impromptu Travel Plans and The Need For Them.

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With the present scenario, our travel cravings have been limited to our borders. If you ever thought of why India is the best place to travel, all your impromptu travel plans are going to be the answer that you’ve been looking for. Are you one of those who scrolls through your feed searching for travel … Read more

Ladakh Backpacking: Ju-leh!

‘A land of barren cold deserts, breathtaking lakes & enchanting mountains. Ju-leh!’’ A destination where flying in to the state reveals a cluster of snow-clad and barren mountains. It hints at the stark beauty that lies ahead. Wondering why backpacking through Ladakh is different from the rest of the world? Extremely popular among biking enthusiasts, … Read more

आंध्र प्रदेश: मानवनिर्मित और अनमोल प्राकृतिक आकर्षणों का अनोखा मिश्रण


समूचे दक्षिण भारत में कला, संगीत, कविता और साहित्य का संचार हुआ है, जिस कारण आपको यहां के हर एक राज्य में एक साथ कई संस्कृतियों की झलक दिखाई देगी।  जैसे हम सभी को पता हैं की, भारत के दक्षिण में कुल मिलाकर 5 राज्य हैं और इन सभी राज्यों में एक राज्य हैं आंध्र … Read more

Top 10 Things That You Must Do On Your Trip To Rann Of Kutch

If you wish to spend your next holiday away from the crowd and in the, what we call, land of delusions, then Rann of Kutch is your place to be! In this Kutch tour, you would not get the conventional mountains or sea-shores but would be able to witness a vast stretch of whites. This … Read more