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Alappuzha: The Venice of the East

Alappuzha through the eyes of a dreamer.

An ambience not yet plagued by industrialization and the people with the most friendlier nature,Allepey(Alappuzha) brings out the true colours of Kerala into life.Far from the town centres and the busy eateries and mega malls,this little town will still give a smile on your face and nature’s touch to your heart with it’s mesmerizing waters and a blend of greenery with it.

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The main attraction in the backwaters side of this town is the ultimate house boat package.Not one single person to date has missed this experience when visiting this gorgeous town.From Alappuzha you’ll have to head on to Kumarakom.A 22 hour package can vary in prices based on the ameneties,no of rooms ,food and a lot to choose from. Before getting on board make sure that get off the highway and head down towards the government jetty will get you the sites you’ve been dreaming of.The area stretches towards the well known Vembanad lake.

Once you’re inside the boat you needn’t worry about the temperature outside,the boat goes through the waterways giving you the coolest of natural air and a relaxing breeze.If you’ve opted for a short ride due to a strict schedule,I’m sure you’ll ask your boat operator to give you a one hour bonus after this.The surroundings fill your eyes with green and the leaning coconut trees are an unmissable sight.The village life of the people will be a common sight with women washing their clothes,men fishing and if it’s a holiday definitely children goofing around and jumping into the blue.

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The boat ride takes you to the Vembanad lake mentioned before which is the longest lake in India.One side is the district of Kollam,the other Kumarakom and a third Kochi.The boat ride gives you plenty of unique views including small islets on which birds flock and the rice fields which is a trademark view in Kerala.

The famous coir products are best available in Alleppey.The coir curtains and mats are a must buy.The curtains are pervaded with aromatic herb strands to make your homes cooler.Get a handmade Vishari(hand fan) filled with Vetiver strands for a relief from the scorching heat and some cool air.It’s a shame if you miss on these stuff when in Alleppey.

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Being a home to backwaters is not the only speciality of this mesmerizing town.It’s also home to some flawless delicacies available in Kerala.The top seller is the hot boiled tapioca which is always bought alongside a plate of fresh fish curry infused with all the spices of Kerala and to give it a tangy flavour,some kudam puli(pot tarmarind).Keralites say that the fish and tapioca is a match made in heaven! Also do not miss out on the much demanded Karimeen fry which is available in any of the toddy shops around.

The famous vallam Kali(boat race) takes place every year during the harvest season (Onam) in the expanse of the backwaters. If you’re in town during the period, make sure you get a sniff of the competition and the grandeur around the race.Treat yourselves with a small boat ride which you can row while testing your rowing skills.

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The Alappuzha bus stand is 80 kilometers away from the Cochin international airport.The nearby towns include Kochi, Kottayam and Kollam. Alappuzha is also reachable via trains as it has a railway station too.


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