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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Spiti Valley


Written by Just Wravel
11 Sep, 2017

The Himalayas have magic that attracts you every time you visit them. There are a few of us for whom mountains are like a second home. Secluded away from the hubbub of urban life, situated is a Himalayan paradise called Spiti, a hidden isolated world. Listing below 7 reasons why you should plan to visit Spiti Valley.

It is believed that years ago this valley was an isolated area as it was banned for 30 years for visitors. Unlike other Himalayan regions, Spiti Valley is completely different in terms of picturesque vistas, food, and lifestyle.

Why a road trip to Spiti Valley is a life-changing experience?

Reason: Spiti Valley is a paradise for mountains lovers. This is one such place which can’t let you recover from the mind-boggling experiences and you might leave your heart there.

7 reasons to visit Spiti Valley

Kibber village in Spiti Valley

Here are 7 reasons which make Spiti Valley a heavenly beautiful destination.

1. 13,800 Square Kilometers Of Untamed Land

When someone mentions the Himalayas, the initial things which come to your mind are lofty snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, pine trees, etc. But Spiti differs completely from what you thought of. It is a cold desert mountain valley with barren hills, gray scree slopes, and pristine lakes.

Situated at an altitude of 12,500 ft above sea level, the vistas of the barren mountains keep on changing as you drive up the hill. The varied landscape that you get to see in Sikkim makes this our top reason to visit Spiti Valley.

2. Fascinating Monasteries

Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, Spiti is adorned with colorful Buddhist monasteries where you can feel your inner soul. There are a total of 5 major monasteries in this region such as Key Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, Tangyud Monastery, Tabo, and Kungri Monastery. Amongst these, Key Gompa which lies close to the Spiti River is widely popular and dates back to 996 AD.

You can feel the true essence of Buddhism inside these Gompas.

3. Yak Safari

Yak, the animal which is only found in the high altitude regions of Himalayas, is a major highlight of Spiti Valley. You will be mesmerized by getting an experience to walk on Himalayan trails on this hairy and soft animal. Yak safari is another thing you must look forward to in Spiti Valley.

4. Living In Quaint Homestays

Staying in guesthouse or homestay gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know the locals and their unique culture. The villages situated in the Spiti Valley are attractive and you will love to see the life of people living in these villages.

Living in these quaint homestays will make your trip to Spiti memorable and makes it to one of the 7 reasons to visit Spiti Valley.

5. World’s Highest Village With Road

Enroute Spiti Valley you will pass through the world’s highest village connected by road. Located in the scenic beauty of majestic Himalayas, Komic is a small village having a population of around 50 to 60 people only.

Unlike in cities, the houses here are separated by plush lawns which allow the residents to bask in the winter sun. Nestled at a soaring altitude of around 15,027 feet above sea level, Komic village will be the high point of your Spiti road trip, quite literally.

6. The Lakes Of Spiti

The lakes are just unlike anything you might have seen or experienced. The main thing which makes these pristine lakes so amazing is that they are untouched and you have to trek towards these lakes because of their exotic locations and high altitudes.

Some of the popular lakes of the Spiti Valley are Chandratal, Suraj Tal, Sopona Lake, and Dhankar Lake. Amongst these camping at Chandratal will be a life changing experience, gazing at the stars, in utmost tranquility and chilly atmosphere.

7 Reasons to visit Spiti Valley

Hikkim – Highest Post office

7. Highest Post Office Of The World

Located at an elevation of 14,567 feet, Hikkim village of Spiti valley is home to the World’s highest post office. Situated at a distance of 15 kms from Kaza, the idea of sending yourself or your beloved ones postcards from such a high altitude is quite unusual and cool and is, therefore, one of the reasons to visit Spiti Valley.

Spiti is not like any other travel destination in India or even World, it is truly a life changing experience. Even the famous author Rudyard Kipling had said in his book that the isolated & beautiful valley of Spiti is “a world within a world” and this blog of 7 reasons to visit Spiti Valley should have increased your wish to visit this place.

Planning to visit this cold desert mountain valley in the Himalayas? Check out the trip itinerary and package details below.

Spiti Road Trip From Manali


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