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Spiti Valley also known as a world within a world is one of the highest motorable valley’s. Spiti is also known as the middle land because it lies in between India and Tibet. It has a 137 km long route between the Kaza & Gramphoo(Lahaul & Spiti). It is located 12,500feet above the sea level and is a beautiful cold desert mountain valley,it remains cold throughout the year because of its high altitude and has a beautiful glimpse of rugged mountains, ancient Tibetian Monasteries, strikingly old-fashioned villages, disguised meadows and springs, stunning sunrises,colourful sunsets and starry nights to offer. The 1000 year old Tabo Monastery, Spiti River, Chandra-Bhaga River(Chenab river) and Kaza(Administrative district and the largest settlement of Spiti) are a must visit while on a trip to Spiti. It's the most difficult and adventurous road trip destination that can't be missed by the adventure lovers out there planning a road trip.


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