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About Weekend Getaways Bangalore

Since it’s situated in the southern region on a plateau region, Bangalore with its thick ridges running all across its planes, with slopes and valleys surrounding the otherwise rural regions of the city is gateway to many offbeat places that are perfect for a weekend getaway. 

Be it the coastal town of Gokarna or a trek to the highest peak of Karnataka, Kodachari. When it comes to weekend getaways from Bangalore, the options are endless.

The best part is that whatever destination you pick for an escapade, you get to traverse through The western Ghats and get to glimpse at the beauty of nature.

The reason why these weekend getaways from Bangalore are perfect for most people is because it is extremely convenient to travel to the majority of the destinations, especially when you've a limited amount of time on your hands.

When it comes to the climate of Bangalore, it’s almost always pleasant but it’s only when you dive deep into the lap of nature that you truly get to experience the cool breeze that makes the tree leaves flutter and your heart warm.

If you want to leave behind hustle and bustle of city life, the commotion of traffic, the noise of horn and the flash of traffic lights that is ever so prominent on the roads of Bangalore, then you must opt for a weekend trip from Bangalore within 200 kms of range. The distance would allow you to reach your destination just in time to spend enough peaceful time there. 

When it comes to our all inclusive, well curated itineraries for all our weekend trips from Bangalore, we provide something for both nature lovers and thrill seekers. Apart from that we also offer a Hampi tour where we explore the world heritage site which holds both historical as well as spiritual significance. 

The southern states are extremely rich in both cultural as well as architectural aspects and Bangalore is no exception. The best part is that on these weekend trips from Bangalore, you get to explore all that the city has to offer. Be it the vibrant cafes, the enchanting valleys, the lush green landscapes or the century old temples. 

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