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When in Doubt, Rideout. Roadtrip to Morni Hills


Written by Just Wravel
31 May, 2016

If you are searching for some solace from the chaos of your everyday life then maybe all you need is a vacation. I once read somewhere that when one is doubt, they should vacation. I find this thought very true after all vacations have a way of refreshing and instilling a new sense of energy within us which in turn clears the unnecessary chaos and doubts in our minds and help us develop an altogether new outlook towards life.

When we visit a place, we not only leave our foot prints their but also bring back a part of that place which shall always be a part of our most profound memories.One such unexplored place is the Hills of Morni located in Haryana.

This hill station might sound a little alien to you but, offbeat locations like these have a charm of its own. Not many know about this beautiful place so the calm and serenity this place offers remain unmatched. The trip from Delhi to Morni Hills is of around 282kms and takes approximately 5 hrs, 10 minutes to reach there by road.

Moreover it should also be kept in mind that the best time to visit Morni Hills is in the month of November-December when the climate is cool and bike rides would be a great experience midst the cool breeze. From Delhi, one needs to start the journey by heading southeast on Deen Dayal Upadhaya Marg and move towards Ahilya Bai Marg.

After following the required road directions, the last stoppage is the major district road 118 from NH73 which takes you to the extravagant Morni Hills. Once in the land of Morni hills, there are plenty of places where you can spend quality time with friends and family.

1. The Adventure Park: A lot of adventure activities are available here where you can indulge and satisfy the adventure freak within yourself. One can enjoy rope climbing here. Also, the labyrinth (popularly known as bhul bhuliaya) serves as a great adventure activity. Apart from this the scary room and the tree house are great hangout places for kids where they can enjoy to the fullest. Furthermore, you must carry some food with you while coming here because the park has very little to offer when it comes to food.

2. Tikkar Taal: It is a beautiful lake situated in the mesmerizing and breath taking location of Shivalik Hills. The most exciting part about Tikkar Taal is that it isn’t a natural lake but, a man made lake. It has been divided into three areas which are Tikkar Taal, Bada Tikkar and Chotta Tikkar. The lake lies in the realms of hilly background which adds to its beauty and picturesque landscape. The wooden walk away above the lake gives one chance to admire the serenity of the place. Apart from this, there are boating facilities available which helps one explore the unexplored territories of Morni Hills.

3. Fort Morni: Located at a height of 1200 metres on the top of Morni hills, it is a beautiful fort which has been well preserved and helps he tourist witness the rich heritage of Morni. Once you are done with all the adventure and sightseeing, you can stay at the Mountain Quail resort run by the Haryana government. Since the roads and lighting at night are not that well maintained on the way back to Delhi, it is advisable to stay overnight and enjoy your little vacation to the core.

Contributed By: Sheerin Naz


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