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Varkala : The new Goa


Written by Binil Kuruvilla Joseph
30 Mar, 2018

Varkala, a well known beach in Kerala is now catching attraction all over the country.Endorsed as the ‘New Goa’, Varkala offers stunning views of the sunset and the ravishing Arabian sea, along with the natural red sandstone cliffs delicately lined with numerous shops,restaurants and lodges.

The beach below is perfect for a swim,sunbath or even a surf. It’s a pilgrimage for the beach lovers and the yoga enthusiasts as it offers the perfect atmosphere to indulge with nature in serenity.Early morning yoga sessions are a regular site if you take a peek down the cliff. There are beginner yoga classes which you could enroll for or even the new trend ‘Laughter Yoga’ signs up for booking. At the south end you’ll also find an area for some amazing paragliding.The gliders put on a show for those on the beach with some somersaults and loop the loops.The best way to start off the day is to take a stroll down the Varkala beach and to round off the perfect day? Another walk to the Black beach.

An early morning yoga session.(Pic courtesy:yogakerala.net)

Like every beach side it’s packed with visitors even during an off season. The prime season to visit would be the winter season like every other beach side.October-March is the ideal time period in between which one should travel.Monsoon is also preferred while Summers are best avoided due to its ill-disposed nature.
A unique aspect of this beach side is the amount of rooms available without any need of pre-bookings.It has lots to offer depending on the depth of your pocket.The cheaper ones can be bargained down to even ₹500 for one full day.You may find the prices slightly above the specified range if you’d like an air conditioner in your room which is highly suggested due to the unbearable humidity.Pamper yourself.If you are in Kerala you definitely have to try Ayurveda.Come out relaxed and revived.
Scooters are available for hire if you’d like to see the town on your own with the gorgeous Janardhana Temple and the Anjengo Fort nearby. Head inland to the Ponnumthuruthu island where a temple is huddled on a poised island in a backwater lake.

The historic Janardhana Temple.(Pic courtesy:navrangindia.blogspot)

You’ll never run short of options for a good meal with plenty of restaurants on the cliff providing the best seafood fused with the perfect ambiance to enjoy the view in front.A highly rated place is the Coffee Temple which is dubbed to be the best in breakfast at the beach.Many places have happy hours with the buy one get one free cocktails offer and a mixed menu for all the Indian,Chinese and Western travelers.It is also one of the easiest places in Kerala to find booze.A common site in all restaurants is the hippy nature of quotes and people with the term ‘finding oneself’ heard every now and then.You really needn’t pack much to visit this place as the long line of shops on top of the cliff provide you the perfect beach wear for the perfect prices even though you might be targeted with the ‘check out my shop?’ frequently during your long walks.A polite ‘no thank you’ will do the trick. The shops around have sufficient souvenirs at reasonable prices which again can be brought down.

Some fresh seafood (Pic courtesy:akhilbeachresort.com)

Taking the train is the fastest and safest way to reach even though being monotonous.The Varkala train station is one hour away from the Thiruvananthapuram central station.Thiruvananthapuram has an International airport while the Kochi airport is 5-6 hours away from Varkala.

Pic courtesy:indiarailinfo.com


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