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Top 10 Things That You Must Do On Your Trip To Rann Of Kutch


If you wish to spend your next holiday away from the crowd and in the, what we call, land of delusions, then Rann of Kutch is your place to be!

In this Kutch tour, you would not get the conventional mountains or sea-shores but would be able to witness a vast stretch of whites. This northern part of Gujarat is enriched with a rich history and would offer you an experience of a lifetime.

Here are what you must surely visit in Rann of Kutch.

  1. Great Rann of Kutch – This vast expanse of salt marshland offers mesmerizing views and that attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you would be able to relax in peace watching a beautiful aspect of nature that you might not have experienced before. The place is equipped with aesthetic beauty and that’s what makes this place the choice for shooting many Bollywood films. You can witness mirage in this region which makes the journey more thrilling.

How to reach– The nearest railway station is Bhachau Railway Station which is around 80km from Rann of Kutch. The nearest airport Kandla Airport is 100Km away from this place.

  1. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary- This is one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas and preserves multiple species of flamingo bird. You would also see many other animals and rare birds’ species here. You can visit here during the winters to get the best views. Some parts of this sanctuary share international borders with Pakistan which are restricted for the tourists.

How to reach– The place is located 350km of Ahmedabad and 100Km of Bhuj in Gujarat.

  1. Dholavira- If you love indulging yourself into the wonderful world of ancient history then Dholavira is your place to be. This is one of the most remarkable excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization. You can witness some of the best ancient architectural brilliance here along with some mesmerizing scenic beauty that you would find really hard to resist.

Harappan site at Dholavira

How to reach– The nearest airport is Bhuj which is 220km away and the nearest railway station is also Bhuj which is 219km away. The nearest city to Dholavira is Rapar which has access to many railway stations like Samkhiala Junction and Bachau.

  1. Kutch Museum- This is the oldest museum in Gujarat and has some of the amazing collections of extinct Kutchi Scripts and artefacts. One can also see beautiful embroidery, paintings, sculptures etc. put to display here. So, if love the feel of going through history and exploring the world of brand-new possibilities, then this museum is your place to be.

How to reach– You can reach here through Kutch road trip in buses or private transport from Bhuj which has the nearest airport and railway station.

  1. Mandvi Beach- This is one of the most popular holiday destinations in your kutch tour. This beautiful seashore is endowed with a calm and clean environment which is definitely a peaceful getaway from the hustles and bustles of the city. Taking a walk along the beach, you would not only be able to witness the beauty of nature and its fauna. You can take a camel ride along the shore and have an experience that you would cherish throughout your life.
mandvi beach JustWravel rann of kutch tour

Mandvi Beach

How to reach– You would get State transport buses that go to Mandvi Beach in every 30 minutes. You can hire jeeps from the towns for local excursions.

  1. Aina Mahal- Also known as ‘Halls of Mirror’, this place is a classic example of traditional architecture. Located in the Northeast corner of Hamirsar Lake, along with the interiors, the exterior of the building is also worth mentioning. You can see beautifully carved doorways, window boxes, balconies etc. here. The interior consists of art and archaic pieces where the hall of mirrors attracts most of the tourists. You can also see international paintings, local crafts and various other royal possessions inside the property.

How to reach– In this trip to Rann of Kutch you can either take a local bus or private transport from Bhuj to reach here.

  1. Narayan Sarovar- This is one of the distinct ecosystems in the Kutch district of Gujarat. This place is the home to many endangered animals and many distinct species of bird. You can also see many flora species here like gorad, kerdo, babul etc. Along with all the natural attractions, the place bears a great religious significance. You would find multiple temples here dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The lake here is considered as sacred as Mansarovar and it is one of the Panch Sarovar pilgrimage places in India.

How to reach– You can either take a local bus or private transport from Bhuj to reach Narayan Sarovar on Kutch road trip.

  1. Prag Mahal- This is located on the outskirts of Bhuj and is a true example of ancient architectural brilliance. This is located just beside the famous Aina Mahal and is equipped with multiple Gothic-style windows and Corinthian Pillars. This beautiful palace attracts many people due to its charm and thus one can see it in different Bollywood and Gujarati movies. If you are someone who loves history, then a visit to this place is a must.

How to reach– You can get many state bus and sleeper buses to reach here from Bhuj. You can also take a private transport in case you prefer that.

  1. Mata No Madh- This temple is dedicated to Maa Ashapura and is located 138km from Bhuj. The place offers a peaceful pilgrimage to the visitors. The structure of the temple is grand and has great dimensions. The original temple was 1200 years old and was demolished during earthquakes. The main temple offers a breath-taking view of the city.

How to reach– You can reach here through buses or private transport from Bhuj which has the nearest airport and railway station (101km).

  1. Rann Utsav of Kutch- This festival in the trip to Rann of Kutch would show you the true colours and rich heritage of the place. The tradition, the artwork, and natural beauty are indeed praiseworthy. This celebration is held between November to February each year where one can witness art, craft, music, and dance. The festival is packed with delicious food, leisure, adventure and lots of fun.

Plan to visit this amazing piece of land for your next trip and you would go back with an experience that you never had before.

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