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Terms and Conditions for JustWravel Premium Membership Program


Written by Just Wravel
02 Apr, 2021

JustWravel is all set to upgrade the Wraveler Experience to the next level through the ‘JustWravel Membership Program’.  The terms and conditions for the said program are to be governed by this document only and any external media will not be taken into account. The below mentioned points can be modified by JustWravel as and when required and will be referred to in case any decisive situation arises.

  • The Membership duration starts from the date of purchase and is valid for one year only. After the said period is over, the membership can be extended for another term as well, if all the conditions are met.
  • The Membership benefits can be applied onto the trips and treks coming under ‘Fixed Departures’ only and no other trips can be availed under the said offer.
  • The Membership benefits cannot be clubbed with any ongoing offer as an individual can only avail one offer at a time. 
  • For availing the friends and family discount on trips, the presence of the membership card holder is mandatory in the group that is availing discounts. Under no circumstances, any individual is allowed to use the benefits of the membership cards without the inclusion of the card holder in the said event.
  • The discount is only applicable for the trip cost and any additional expenses incurred during the trip does not come under the discounted price segment and is to be borne by the participants themselves following the normal standard procedure.
  • The Membership Card is a non-transferable entity and under no circumstances, it can be used by someone else other than the card holder except for friends and family discount, which also is applicable under defined rules for the procedure mentioned in the fifth point of the same section.
  • For availing the benefits, the card holder has to notify the handler with whom they are connected at the time of booking. After that, further process will be initiated by the handler itself.
  • The number of times you avail special benefits under the cancellation policy, batch shifting, and credit refund for booking amount will be marked and overexploitation of flexibility will be treated as a negative score on your user profile, which might affect your renewal of the said membership.
  • The amount debited for the membership is a non-refundable transaction and under no given circumstances, this clause can be averted.
  • You have the right to cancel your membership during the active membership period but no refunds will be given whatsoever for the same.
  • The goodies provided to you cannot be scheduled for a return or exchange.
  • The discount coupons for availing affiliate discounts will be provided from JustWravel’s front but after the generation of the discount code, JustWravel is not responsible for any third party activity in whatsoever manner in reference to the affiliate discount scheme.
  • The final decision in case of any discrepancy will be taken by JustWravel Pvt. Ltd. only and under no circumstances, the involvement of any third party will be entertained. 

You’re advised to use the membership benefits to the fullest and wishing you to have the greatest of experiences.

Team JustWravel


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34/1, Fourth Floor, Tower B, The Corenthum, Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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