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Reasons To Do The Dayara Bugyal Trek


Written by Shubham Vyas
30 Jul, 2019

The Bugyal alpine meadows and pasturelands present to you a riot of lush green grasslands and seasonal, rare, and beautiful flowers during the summer months, while the region and landscapes remain covered with snow during the winters are few of the reasons to do the Dayara Bugyal trek.

The Bugyals are located at an elevation of around 3,302 to 4,000 meters, nestled in the Himalayan region of the Indian state of Uttrakhand. Also called “nature’s own gardens” the Bugyals include Auli, Bedni, Munsiyari, Panwali, Garsi, and Kwanri land regions among others.

Reasons to do the Dayara Bugyal Trek

Located in the Uttarkashi district, Dayara Bugyal has immense beautiful vicinities and views to offer. The term means “high altitude meadows.” The region is situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand at an elevation of around 3,406 meters.

Here are some reasons to make the incredible trek journey during your vacations.

Skiing At Its Best.

The Dayara Bugyal region has also been developed into a standard skiing slope area that covers around 28 square kilometers of distance. The well-planned resort attracts several tourists and the household/professional skiers from across the globe and can be approached from Uttarkashi. The villages Barsu and Raithal are accessible by automobiles and roads, while the next kilometers are covered through the trek.

One can bring his/her own skiing equipment or you can inform us to aid that you with the proper types of equipment. You get the beautiful snow views and the view of the fascinating Barnala Tal while skiing at thrilling heights.

Beautiful Captivating Panoramic Views All Along the Journey.

For doing the Dayara Bugyal trek, you need to reach Haridwar, which is accessible through road and railways. The journey from Haridwar to Barsu is around 220 kilometers and can be made by hiring a taxi or using the local transport ( shared cab or bus).

This road journey also has lots of memorable views to offer, and you will travel to the beautiful and serene towns of Uttarkashi, Chamba, and Rishikesh while also witnessing the holy Bhagirathi River

In most cases, the trek to Dayara Bugyal starts from the tiny and beautiful hamlet by the name Barsu, which is situated on the Haridwar-Gangotri road route. Barsu is around 32 kilometers away from Uttarkashi and has GMVN and rest houses that offer a delightful stay.

The beautiful views of smooth mountains on one side and the stunning and evergreen valley on the other make you crave for an extended stay before leaving for Dayara Bugyal.

A Trek for All.

Dayara Bugyal is considered to be one of the most beautiful treks of the Himalayas. The average distance and terrain make the trek fit for all kinds of trekkers and adventurers.

You need not be very experienced in trekking to take on this trek route, and even the beginners can witness the splendid natural vicinities very closely. The trek route is covered with green and majestic forests, bright and glittering water bodies, and the vast and sprawling grasslands. You do not need any trekking expertise to enjoy the fantastic natural views.

Beautiful Forests, Meadows, Snow, and Exotic Flowers.

You can do the Dayara Bugyal trek in around five days and reach the destination in 3 days. After starting the trek from Barsu, your first destination would be Barnala, which is at a distance of four kilometers (to be covered in around 4 hours).

Barnala is located at the height of 8,530 feet, and the trek takes you through the captivating Deodar and Silver Oak forest and the green and shiny rhododendron. ( Rhododendron in full bloom is a sight to see)

The ascent is gradual, and from Barnala, you would be able to see the natural stretches of Bugyals or the green prairies that are the major highlight of the region. Barnala is also the campsite for most of the trekkers for the Dayara Bugyal Trek.

It is also a reason for the Dayara Bugyal trek as you get an opportunity to be close to the natural vicinities and witness the beautiful stars during the night.

On the next day, you will trek directly to the Dayara Bugyal, and the distance between Barnala and the high alpine meadow is around 5 kilometers. The captivating fields seem like a tabletop and are situated at an elevation of 9,980 feet.

Bakaria Top and is the highest point of the region, which is located at a height of 12000  feet. It is located at a distance of around 3  km from Dayara Bugyal and has an enchanting and captivating panoramic view of the lush valleys and the snowy peaks.

The region is used by the local herdsmen to graze their sheep, and you can easily view the livestock at the high-rise mountains and fascinating valleys, all along your trekking journey.

The trek, as well as the region, remains covered with seasonal wildflowers, many of which are exclusive to the area. The misty valleys are also crowded with the Oak and Maple trees and forests that fence the region while enhancing its coziness.

Best Views Of The Snowy Himalayan Peaks.

Situated at the height of around 12,000 feet, the Bugyal alpine meadow offers breathtaking views throughout the year.

The scenery includes the lofty and high rise Himalayan Mountains and Himalayan peaks including Shrikhand Mahadev, Kala Nag, Bandar Poonch, and the Gangotri. Some of the most majestic and beautiful mountains of the Himalayas visible from here include Rudra Gaira, Draupadi ka Danda (1 and 2), Black Peak, and Gangotri (1, 2, and 3).

The place receives the highest snowfalls of the region and invites skiers from across the world during the winters, making also one of the better winter treks in the Himalayas.

Safety by planning your trip with Just Wravel.

The Dayara Bugyal trek not only has beautiful views and stunning adventures but also offers a brief and memorable introduction to the Himalayan culture and traditions. But you should not neglect the safety aspect and should hire reputed trek planners like Just Wravel so that you can rest assured that all emergency and essential aspects of the tour have been well-taken care of.

Remember that you should wear three lines of clothing, especially when you are trekking to Dayara Bugyal during the winter. These include the inner thermal layer as well, which is essential to trap the heat and keep you warm when you are in the snow and below-freezing temperatures.

Waterproof and suitable footwear is also required, and trekking boots are a good option. Before undertaking the trek, consult a physician.

A lot more can be witnessed on the trek, these are just a few reasons to do the Dayara Bugyal Trek.


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