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Naukuchiatal : An alternative for ecstasy in serenity


Written by Just Wravel
08 Nov, 2016

A weekend get-away to Nainital is a priceless stress buster any time round the year; but this travel destination being an awesome and super renowned place to escape usually has a tourist influx always, hence do not really offer the quaint calmness that is much needed by the people looking for a break from the cacophony and chaos of everyday life. If vacationing is your reason then Naukuchiatal is the place to pick. Famously known as the town of the ‘Nine Cornered Lake’, Naukuchiatal is well linked to Delhi by both road and train. We choose the obvious 6 hrs ride-out via NH 24 on an autumn’s Saturday.


As the road started winding up from Rudrapur onward; it was time to get amused by the wonderful sights of raw nature’s beauty getting unfolded in front of our eyes along  the battered low-height hills , away from the carcass of skyscrapers and stench of automobile pollution.




Remember not to miss out on the chai-pakori, Aloo parathe or omelette the road-side stalls of this route offers; pricing less than 500 INR for all 4 of us – the feeling of the moment priceless. We only took a halt to stretch our legs and catch some breakfast but ended up having a bunch with delicious desi food and kadak chai while the greeny natural backdrop with rumbling sound of water from afar filled our hearts with glee and mind with peace. Way better than the branded hotcakes and smoking Coffee that we’re used to.

Some stretches of the road are excellent with dual paths and proper partitioning between the two lanes, however most patches are somewhat worn out and lack the excellence of bump-free smooth ride. We reached resort by late noon, the scenic views of the lake from the Gazibo rooftop with oak and pine forest around were overwhelming, spent the rest of the time munching from the exquisite fruit preserves and relaxing amidst the lavish ambience.

The whole of Sunday was supposed to be the without routine; lay lazy all day and rejuvenate types. Though we took a boat ride of the lake and enjoyed the chirruping birds for about a couple of hours before noon. Later took the skinny dip in the lake splashing water on each-other, and capturing the frames to preserve as tangible memories. Ordered Kumaoni food for lunch it was seriously foodgasmic; the spicy phaanu, yummilicious gahat ke paranthe, thatwani, raita and the famous bhang ki chutney, plus arsa and singodi as deserts to end the feast with.

Immediately after, took a stroll in the well maintained resort area to lighten up the load. Till evening read a couple of pages from Eat Pray Love and later dozed off for a long afternoon nap. Evening greeted us with a bon fire at the terrace garden where we enjoyed the calm after dark hours with drinks, hookah and gossips. Meanwhile had a re-check on next day’s plan as we were to camp at Sattal; a total adventure landscape only 16 km away with activities like rock-climbing, paragliding, rappelling, mountain-biking, river-crossing in kayaking and return home the day after. This entire search of peace outing with a bang of an adventure day is only worth 5-6 grands per head except for the resort stay which depends on the star rating you choose to accommodate in.

So if you want a place as charmingly garnished by nature itself as Nainital but without the mayhem of the crowd, I insist you pull-up just 25 kms before and discover the silent beauty of Naukuchiatal.


Contibuted By :  Shatadal Sen


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