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Mysore -The culture capital of Karnataka

Written by Achuuth Karthick

Hey guys!

This blog is about my hometown, Mysore!

So basically, travelling from any place to Mysore is super easy, if you’re traveling through flights. Get a flight to Hyderabad, Chennai or Bangalore and take another to Mysore!

There are a lot of buses and train options too, most through Bangalore, look for them! ☺

So Mysore! As soon as you come, check into a hotel of your choice, pre-bookings are suggested, because journeys are pretty tiring. Another benefit of pre-booking will be that your hotel might help you reach them by offering transport!

So Mysore, Mysore, Mysore!


The first and most visited place here is the Chamundi hill, fondly called the Betta, which means mountain in Kannada. Atop The hill sits Chamundeshwari, the form of Shakti who destroyed Mahishasur and became Mahishasurmardini.

Fun fact, the town’s name, Mysore or Mysuru, comes from the name of Mahishasur, for this used to be his land. The goddess sits atop and watches to make sure he doesn’t return, or so it is said.


After the hill visit, early in the morning, you could choose to visit the zoo, one of the top 5 in the country, or choose to go to Ranganathitu, the bird sanctuary a little away from the city to view exotic birds in their natural habitat, provided you visited at the right time.

Another alternative would be to visit Shukavana, at the Sachidanand ashram, where you can get pictures with amazing foreign and Indian birds the Swamiji rescued.

The zoo might take you until evening, but the Shukavana or the sanctuary will keep you occupied until late afternoon when you can go shopping at the many many markets of Mysore.

Mysore, is home to the Devaraja Urs market, one of the oldest markets in the country, with century-old buildings. During your late afternoon/ early evening at DD Urs road, don’t forget to try kachoris and samosas from the shops there.


You can then continue your shopping or sightseeing of the many museums and buildings here until late evening, after dark, when a visit to the palace is a necessary ritual of every tourist, who comes here to click pictures of the amazing lighting.

The next morning can be spent on the government’s Tipu trail, where you visit all the places related to the great King’s history. This involves a little travel and a lot of stories, fun!

You could also spend a morning at the palace, seeing the century-old artifacts and portraits if you’re a history buff.

Mysore is most famous for it’s Dasara celebrations. The Goddess is showered with different types of abhishekams, and is portrayed in a different way every day.

On the tenth day, she is taken all through the town in a grand parade, which is considered a state festival. Elephants are trained specifically to carry the goddess’s Howdah, the platform, and to walk in the procession. Tableaux showing the state’s different cultures also accompany the Goddess. The ceremony is presided over by the King and the Queen, who is another of Mysore’s attractions.

The Dasara time also opens the food Mela and the Dasara exhibition, 2 things, Mysoreans love, stalls from all over the country come and set shop ranging from a few weeks to months.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Mysore is a foodie’s paradise.

You get authentic flavours of all Indian cuisines, and now of most international cuisines too! You should just know where to go, your phone’s there to help you then?

Just Google!

Mysore also is home to the most loving, understanding, and accepting laid back people in the country, I’d say.

Trust me, it’s a must-visit in everyone’s lives!

So basically, Mysore is a quaint little town, full of love, food, and amazing people!

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