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Must Visit Places in Sri Lanka

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Whether it is the architecture, the statues, the natural trees and waterfalls, the sandy beaches, or the city luxury, Sri Lanka is a diversely photogenic destination with beauty distributed among all the corners of this serene island pearl. Here are some must-visit places in Sri Lanka –

1.       Ella- The shiny countryside

With tea plantations, a canopy of lush greenery, and the hills and forests are something that tops the list on must visit places in Sri Lanka.

Enameled with beautiful countryside with a feast for the eyes, the Ella-Kandy train ride offers you a scenic proportion of this vast chunk of environmental charm.

2.       Nuwara Eliya- Lush greenery

The 19th century hillstation studded with its colonial vibe constituting the golf course, club and mock-Tudor buildings  makes it one of the most beautiful places to be visited.

The dramatic mountains in the backdrop and the waterfalls that accompany it is just pure natural bliss.

3.       Adam’s peak-  a UNESCO site

One of the most mesmerising places in Sri Lanka is the Adam’s peak. A climb in the slopes at night for a view of a breathtaking sunrise at dawn could be one of the most appealing scenes your eyes could get.

4.       Mirissa- The whales

Adding itself to beauties of Sri Lanka, the hideaways in the beachy paradise of Mirissa offers a spectacular sight of whale watching. Hop on to the boat tour on the south coast and set sail across the great Indian Ocean.

And not to mention, the seafood tasting with the locals is an experience in itself.

5.       Yala National Park- Amidst the wildernes

Grassy plains, lagoons, and coastlines, the Yala is situated in an area of serene wilderness. Get startled by the leopards and the mighty elephants roaming away in their natural habitat. A jungle safari in this is sure to offer some wildly stunning spottings

6.       Colombo- The capital

Whether it is a tuk-tuk ride in the busy streets or a luxurious relax in one of the 5-star hotels enjoying a spa in a pool with a barbecue; Colombo offers something or the other for every type of a wanderer.

Exploring this city is just another worldly experience.

7.       Kandalama- Feel the air

What makes this village so special is the scenic viewing perspective that is offered- Explore the island country from up above the skies. A hot air balloon ride will take you soaring through heights where you can enjoy the beauty from up above.

Trees , plain, roads, valleys, houses…everything is better from the skies. 

8.       Sinharaja Forst reserve

Bordered by rivers on both sides, this is one of the panoramic UNESCO sites. An abundance of flora and fauna and being the home of lions, this place is a must-visit in Sri Lanka for a wild glance at a diaspora of endemic birds and mammals and making it one of the best spots for wildlife photography

9.       Dambulla caves- A trail of murals

Not 1 or 2 but 150 stunning statues of buddha preserved in an ancient cave chiselled with fine architecture make it a spot that is not only a glance at history but most appealing to the spiritual travellers and architectural explorers too.

10.   Ravana falls- Surreal waters

One of the highest waterfalls in the country, the Ravana falls is a sheer display of the glistening waters falling aimlessly offering a peaceful and a photogenic spot and is a hotspot during the summer months and the ravana cave is an addon to it.

11. Arugam Bay – Pristine beaches

Whats a visit to an island nation without visiting its beaches? The beaches of Arugam bay are not just a stroll along the shore, but one can dive into the waters too. Diving, speedboating and snorkeling add up to the beauty of this place

12. Ruins of Sigiriya

The rocky cutout of Sigiriya stoops from the central plains towards a falt top that contains the ruins of an ancient civilisation.

Carved under the rule of Kasapa, one of the most infamous kings, the ruin is a steep climb with attached staircases to the walls to climb to the top and the view on the top is worth the climb.

13. Tea plantations

The country is blessed with a lot of tea plantations. Although NUwara eliya is one of the most famous plantations, its not the only one thats confined to it. Dating back to 150 years of tea industry, this beautiful estate has as many as 28 different grades of Ceylon tea brewing quality and taste .

A visit, a sip and a photograph in these places is just a cherry on top of the visit to this country.

14. Beaches of Bentota

If you’re tired from the usual sightseeing, bentota is the perfect place to unwind and take a break. 80km from Colombo far away from the noises of urban life, this paradise offers hospitality to some of the finest beaches with unspoiled sands and lush forests.

A stroll along these or an exploratory escape into spotting fauna from crocodiles to frogs is a very enthusiastic thrill.

15. Galle- down history lane

Picture the sandy shores, a colonial vibe, and a UNESCO protected colonial fort alongside warm breezes along the shore. Such is the environment of this 18th century Dutch walled construction filled with grand colonial housings.

The vintage cars , the lighthouse and the sparkling sea just push you down trail down to the past 


This list of must visits covers a combination of various factors that are displayed while visiting things so as to give an experience of various corners of the tourism spots in this country and thus making them a must visit category.

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