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Mount Everest Just Grew Tall!


Written by Just Wravel
09 Dec, 2020

The world’s tallest mountain just got a bit taller.

After years of conflict on the height of the Everest, Nepal and China sent a surveyor each from their respective nations.

After the successful summit of the expedition, the nations have agreed on a new official height of 8848.86 metres (29,031.69 fts) which is higher than the previous estimates.

Nepal had never measured the height of Everest on its own but had used the height of the mountain 8,848mts by Survey of India back in 1954.

According to mountaineers and experts, the reason for the increase in height of Everest could be due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake back in 2015 which killed almost 9,000 people in Nepal.

Nepal has some glorious landscapes!

Nepal had ascertained the height of Everest last spring and Chinese climbers and surveyors climbed Everest in May during the coronavirus pandemic to survey the height.

The climbing season for Everest was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic for all the countries, but the Chinese surveyors made the best use of the ongoing pandemic to ascertain Everest’s height.

According to Damodar Dhakal, who is the spokesman for Nepali’s Department of Survey, said that his team used the Global Navigation Satellite System to get the precise height of Everest.

The new height published by both the Nepali and Chinese surveyors have brought a new hope and a new challenge for mountain climbers all over the world.

They are ready to take on the challenge and hope to make their name by climbing and summiting the highest mountain on planet Earth above sea level.

Mount Everest is a mountain that attracts climbers from all over the world. The climbers can take on Everest from two main routes, one of them which originates from Nepal in Southeast. The other route originates from Tibet in the North.

So readers? What do you make of Everest’s new height? Would you go on and take the challenge of summiting it? Let us know down in the comments.

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