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Kashmir Trip FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Kashmir


Written by Khushi Maheshwari
14 Sep, 2022

Before traveling, learning about the place you aspire to travel to is an essential thing that has to be on your list. When people start planning their trip to Kashmir, they often face many difficulties. To encounter such difficulties we have listed up innumerable questions and their answers to the best of our knowledge. One should surely read these Kashmir trip FAQs before having a real go!

Reading about the place that you are visiting is a common thing practiced by most visitors. However, only some smart visitors make sure that they have inquired about every single detail and possibility.
For such smart visitors here’s a detailed assortment of questions that are frequently asked by other backpackers before commencing their trip to Kashmir.

Kashmir Trip FAQs answered

Is Kashmir worth visiting?

Kashmir trip FAQs: Is Kashmir worth visiting
Is Kashmir worth visiting? A big YES!

Yes, Kashmir is worth visiting not only one time but many times. If you have ever dreamed of spending your day in snow-capped mountains or at beautiful hill stations then Kashmir is a reality that comes out of your dream. I can talk about Kashmir’s beauty all day long but that’s not the only thing that makes Kashmir worthy. The adventurous activities, the wildlife, nearby locations, and the everlasting experience are what add more to it. Let’s see what’s next in the list of Kashmir trip FAQs.

What is Kashmir famous for?

Kashmir trip FAQs- What Kashmir is famous for
Kashmir and the things it is famous for

Apart from the beautiful lakes, valleys, snow-capped mountains, and other beauties, Kashmir is famous for its hill stations namely, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, etc. This is not it! Furthermore, it is known for its houseboats, monasteries, temples, fairs, and festivals.

What to carry for the Kashmir trip?

Kashmir Trip FAQs- Things to pack for a trip to kashmir
Carry these things for a trip to Kashmir

What’s the point of reading Kashmir trip FAQs if you don’t get an answer to this question? While packing for the Kashmir trip you must have heard the voices of your mind saying things like, “Let me take this”, “..and this”, “Can’t leave this”, and “I should pack this as well, just in case of emergency”. Well, these voices need to be shuttered! Here are the essentials that you need to carry with you.

  • Day backpack: A daypack is a must when you’re heading for a local sightseeing tour.
  • Floaters or Sandals: Carry a pair of sandals or floaters to move freely.
  • 1 Down Jacket / Main Jacket: Proper layering of clothes is something you should emphasize. So carry a jacket for the same.
  • 1 Pair of Thermal: Thermal garments to keep the body warm in cold temperatures.
  • Outdoor Shoes & socks: Well, what else would be more comfortable in mountains?
  • 3 Quick Dry Tees and a towel: Take three pairs of them so that you can wash them in between stops.
  • Documents: Identification proofs like Aadhar Card, and Drivers License need to be carried.
  • Camera: Take a camera to make sure that you get to capture all the great moments of your trip.

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How to plan a Kashmir trip?

Kashmir trip FAQs- How to plan a kashmir trip
A perfect itinerary will help plan your perfect trip

Planning a Kashmir trip is not as hard as it sounds if you fulfill one condition. Wondering what’s that? Well, the condition is you follow a detailed itinerary while planning. That will not only help you to figure out the places but it will also help you in making the best use of your time. Other important Kashmir trip FAQs are given below to make you understand the Kashmir trip itinerary and essentials.

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Which month is best for a Kashmir visit?

Well, that depends on you!

For enjoying the snowfall, December to February is the perfect time to visit. However, if you’re up for enjoying the sightseeing in a not-too-cold climate then March to June is also great timing to visit. Mostly, it snows in December, January, and February. The destination looks very charming in these months and hence these are the best months to visit Kashmir.

When can we see tulip gardens in Kashmir?

Kashmir trip FAQs- Tulip Gardens
Tulip Gardens: a major attraction of Kashmir

During the onset of the spring season, the tulip festival in Kashmir can be experienced. You can plan your trip in April to see tulip gardens in Kashmir. Let’s go through the next on the list of Kashmir trip FAQs!

Is snow available in Kashmir?

Kashmir trip FAQS- Snow in Kashmir
Kashmir is famous for its snow-capped view

Yes, snow is available in Kashmir from December to February. Gulmarg is all covered in snow and is best to experience snowfall. Majorly, the snow is recorded at Apharwat and Amarnath caves in Kashmir. While planning a trip to Kashmir make sure you visit these alluring places to experience snowfall. Let’s read next in the list of Kashmir trip FAQs.

Should I visit Kashmir in January?

There’s no reason for you to say no to your Kashmir visit in January. It’s the best experience that you can get amidst snow-capped mountains and meadows. With this Kashmir, trip FAQs come to an end.

Kashmir Trip FAQs- Conclusion

To conclude, I would like to say that Kashmir is the “Paradise of Earth” and visiting it is something you must do. In case, you have any other questions feel free to comment below. We’ll get back to your queries as soon as possible.

Additionally, this is the best time to finally tick Kashmir off your bucket list as you can travel as well as save money. Tap here to know how!


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