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Why Hampta Pass Is One of the Best Multi-Day Treks In India


Written by Mohit Agarwal
04 Jun, 2018

Before I begin with listing down as to why Hampta Pass is one of the best multi-day treks in India, here’s a brief about Hampta Pass. The Hampta Pass trek is a six-day long journey connecting the two most beautiful valleys namely Kullu and Lahaul. Starting from Jobra, a town close to Manali the trail passes through Chikha, Jwara and Balu ka Gera to finally reach the Hampta Pass. Taking a descent through Shea Goru the trek comes to an end at Chatru. From here either take a ride to Chandratal- The Moon Lake or directly head back to Manali.

And here’s why Hampta Pass is the best trek to take-

  1. Continuously changing Landscape to lure you

Imagine being in an all-new surrounding on each day of your trek. Yes, that’s the specialty of Hampta Pass. The trail begins with the lush green valley of Kullu and ends in the desolate brown peaks of Lahaul Valley. It’s like today you walk through the meadows of Jwara and a day after you walk amidst the semi-barren hills at Shea Goru. It is a said that the dramatically changing landscape offered to you on Hampta Pass trek is something you won’t find on any other moderate level trek. So if you want to take a feel of being at three different locations while being at one then this one is for you.

  1. Moderate Labour yet Better Views

Well, I don’t say that other treks won’t offer you with great views but the views atop the Hampta Pass at 14,035ft are just at par. With your feet atop the pass, your head held high with pride of accomplishing the trail, you witness one of the most desolate yet enchanting valleys. This panoramic vista is none other than the Lahaul Valley and the views offered will take away all the sluggishness of your mind and body.

  1. Is almost an all season trek ‘relatively’

How often it happens we somehow find time out of our busy schedule and arrange for an off from work but to find that our choice of the trek is not accessible during that period. For this does not happen with you, you need to figure out treks that you can take up as and when you want. And Hampta Pass is one such trek amongst the very few that are accessible for the most part of the year. As I said its altitude being at around 14000ft, the trek remains accessible for most months around the year in comparison to other treks like the Roopkund, Rupin Pass or Goecha La for that matter. And if snow is your bone like for most trekkers then the month of June is a paradise at Hampta Pass. It will make you feel like being in the Arctic.

  1. Every camping site has a unique essence to it

Yes! You got me right. There won’t be a single day that you will feel like staying in a quotidian atmosphere. If today you pitch your tents amidst the maple forests of Jobra then the next day you will find yourself a shelter aside a river on the grasslands of Chikha. Not only this, as you further ascend on the trail your camping site would change to beautiful meadows at Jwara and then at Balu ka Gera you will be just a step away from the snow-clad landscape.  Doesn’t that excite you and pumps up your adrenaline. If not then you are about to miss a lot and definitely need to plan this trek soon to see and believe your awestricken eyes.

Last but not the least…

  1. Has an easily accessible starting point

Unlike many other treks that start from an isolated area reaching where is itself a task, Hampta Pass won’t bother you. As said in the beginning, the trek starts from Jobra, a town situated at 2 hr drive from Manali. We all know how easily one can reach Manali via road or air as its well connected to the major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Dehradun. Also, reaching Jobra won’t be a tedious task as most of the companies you would be trekking with will take care of the transport and you just have to manage to reach Manali which as I said is quite an easy task.

So what’s the wait for…just pack all the essentials that can be found through your trek guide and hop on a bus to Manali or board a flight to Kullu from where Manali is about 2 hours by road. That’s all you have to do and your bags will get bulkier on the return as they would be brimming with memories from the BEST multi-day trek in India- The Hampta Pass Trek.


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