Frequently Asked Questions About JustWravel Premium Membership Program

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Why Should I Buy JustWravel Premium Membership?

The JustWravel’s Premium Membership will make your upcoming journeys more convenient and cost effective with just a one time single payment of the membership fees. Similar to all the Premium Memberships, this one also for enhancing the user experience and as the name suggests, you’ll get to experience travelling in a premium sort of way.

Which out of the Three Membership Card Would Be Best Suitable for Me?

Out of three, only two are available for purchase and the ‘WravelerForLife’ Membership can only be allotted by the Team JustWravel as a token of appreciation to the members of Wraveler Community. 

The Explorer Card is for someone who casually plans trips/treks, all round the year and travel in small groups or solo for the most part. There’s a cap of at max five trips a year on which you can avail discount, so if that’s your mojo then the explorer’s card would suit you the best.

The Drifters Card should be chosen by those who are more than just mere tourists and sitting idle for more than a few weeks at a time gives them jitters. If you’re looking for the most comfort, massive discount on all your trips not only for you but for your family and friends as well, this is the option for you.

Why Is ‘WravelerForLife’ Card Not Available for Purchase?

As explained in the previous point, we only upgrade a selected few to the WravelerForLife Membership, the reason being that it is a way for us to thank the ones who have been connected with us through the thick and thin. 

How Can I Trust That The Said Benefits Will Be Delivered?

JustWravel has been in business for more than 5 years already and we’re an MSME and Startup India recognised brand. 

Additionally, we also have a 80,000+ Social Media presence on Instagram whom we lovingly names as The Wraveler Family and they are growing everyday.

Moreover, you can also check the reviews for all our trips on Google Review, TripAdvisor, Facebook and more.

How to Apply For The Discount and Other Offers Mentioned in Here?

Once you apply for the Membership and all the necessities are done, your account ID will be updated with special privileges. So, everytime that you’ll be browsing through any of our products, they’d be visible to you with the added discounted price only. 

Furthermore, your designated handler will also assist you in making sure that you get the premium treatment without any discomfort.

What Will Be The Validity of This Membership?

The membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be renewed upon expiration.

Is There Any Clause Under Which This Membership Could Get Cancelled?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions which need to be followed for the usage of the Premium Membership Card and you’ll find everything in there for the same.

What is The Friends and Family Discount, How to Apply For The Same?

We fully understand that there are only a handful who travel solo and most of the travelling clan wants to tag along someone with them. That is why, we are not only giving a discount for the Premium Members but to anyone who is travelling along with them. 

Can I Transfer The Membership Card to Someone Else?

No! That’s not a possibility under any given circumstances. You cannot transfer the benefits of the membership to anyone else except for a special condition of Friends and Family Discount which is applicable only when the membership holder is present with the group getting discounted prices.

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