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Most essential Trekking Tips!


Written by Chetna Khetawat
23 Jun, 2018

Trekking is an amazing adventure and an adventure is always worthwhile. You learn to live in raw nature and value little things with treks, it builds character. You are staying in tents, walking for days, disconnected from the world, in unknown magical lands. The thought in itself is so exhilarating that one wants to pack bags right away and leave for a trek.

As amazing as it sounds, there are certain things one must be prepared and start working on once a trek is planned. Here’s a list of some extremely useful tips which would help you enjoy your trek better.


  1. Choose the Trek Wisely“If it looks good, you must go there,”- but first, be prepared! Choose a Trek based on your fitness level and comfort with the surroundings. If it’s your first trek, and you consider yourself decently fit, doesn’t mean you can scale mountains at one go! I mean working out in a Gym and trekking the mighty nature is different. Start with a Beginners and short duration trek (preferably with a group) and gradually ascend to moderate and difficult one!
  1. Get the Right Trekking Gears– Now this is really important. You are on your own for a number of days in raw nature and zero Luxury to enjoy the dreamy trails which could well turn into a nightmare if you have uncomfortable gears. Invest in good trekking shoes and carry a comfortable backpack with enough straps and padding. You would also need a good quality rain coat and Hiking Poles. You don’t necessarily have to spend enormously on hese, they can always be taken on rent.
  1. Basic Essentials- Irrespective of whether you plan the trek with a group (and a proper organizer) or all by yourself, you NEED to carry some basic items which could act as a savior. The list of essentials depends on the trek route you choose, yet these are some important things to carry on your Trekking or Hiking Trips which would never let you down.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Food
  • Flashlight
  • Utility knife
  • Power bank
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Dark Sunglasses
  • Sanitary Stuff
  • Paper soap, tissue paper
  1. Take Trek Friendly Clothes- Although the clothes you take totally depend on your trek requirements like season, duration, region etc. Yet here’s a list to give you an overview.
  • Quick drying Trek pants, which cover your legs
  • Quick drying/cotton t shirts
  • 3 -4Pairs of socks(cotton and woolen)
  • 3-4 pairs of underwear
  • Reliable rain gear
  • Quick drying towel
  • Thermals
  • Lightweight Warm jacket
  • Woolen and Sun Caps
  1. Keep the Backpack Light- Alright now you might raise an eyebrow to me for suggesting you to take so many essentials and clothes and yet asking you to keep your backpack light, I mean it practically seems impossible right!? Well honestly, show your management skills here and choose whether you want a number of clothes for each day, fancy caps and heavy sweaters or essentials with light and repetitive clothing!
  1. Start Working Out Beforehand- A trek isn’t just about the number of days you are on it, you must start preparing your body for the trek at least a few months prior to it unless you are a seasoned trekker. Don’t be baffled, it’s just a few easy things which would help you later.
  • Walk as much as possible
  • Take Stairs instead of Lifts
  • Do a lot of strength training and cardio
  • Try Jogging and Running for at least 5 KMs a day
  • Do some breathing exercises and Yoga


  1. Stay Hydrated- This definitely is the most important Tip anyone would suggest you! Yes, you would assume that you can just drink water straight from the streams and melting glaciers, well if only it was so easy! Always remember to take enough water! No amount is too much when it comes to water; it’s always better to have excess than having a shortage of water and finding you thirsty and dehydrated. You may also carry natural water filtration bottle. Also, pack some energy bars/dry fruits just in case!
  1. Take your Own Pace- Trekking is never about reaching the campsite or end point first, it’s about enjoying the journey as and when you cross it. Take your time, enjoy the scenery, click enough pictures, and trek at your own pace. Listen to your body; don’t make it so strenuous that you would have to give up. If you are huffing and puffing all while you trek, means you are harming yourself. Till the time you can talk (maybe feel tired at times) and walk, carry on the pace.
  1. Try to remain close to the group and follow your guide- If it is a group or guided trek, then follow the instructions of the guide carefully. While wandering on your own singing songs in the mountains seem dreamy and very pleasant, but getting lost in a forest with no network or bitten by a poisonous animal is rather more of a nightmare! The trek guides are experienced people and they are there to make sure you are fine, be adventurous, take it as a challenge, but make sure you are fine!
  1. Respect the Surroundings- Yes, you are excited about the trek and want everything at your comfort, but make sure you do not harm the surrounding by any means. Don’t litter the mountains, especially with plastic wastes, don’t hurt an animal just out of curiosity and respect your fellow trekkers.

Gear up for your trek and start planning an awesome trekking adventure soon!


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