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Biking essentials for a safe trip

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Hey Wravelers, we hope all of you are reading the articles and are pretty excited for your another adventure. Just to make sure all of you have a safe and wonderful journey while you Ride Out, we have prepared a check-list of essential items one should carry or pack while touring on your bike.

List of Important Things while Riding Out

Travel Light:

  • Pack only 2 sets of clothing.
  • Don’t fuss over slippers; you can do without them.
  • Keep in mind to pack a travel charger for your phone.
  • With the trend of smartphones, you don’t require a laptop while biking.

Riding Gear:

  • Always wear a good quality ISI standards helmet while riding.
  • Wear a protective riding jacket.
  • Wear proper riding shoes.
  • Use good quality riding gloves for riding.


  • If possible, get a USB charging port installed on your bike.
  • If you own a Superbike, then get its electronic stabilizer checked before going on a tour.
  • Keep a portable LED torch with yourself while biking.
  • Carry a portable tyre repair kit with a portable air pump.
  • Keep an extra 5-liter fuel tank for emergencies.
  • You do not need a Camera if you use a smartphone because your phone comes loaded with a good quality camera.
  • If you love photography, you can always carry your professional camera with yourself.
  • Ensure that your phone has navigation and a proper internet plan to check the travel route.

Bike Maintenance

Your bike is your companion on your epic Ride outs, so it is very important to keep it in the best of conditions at all times. You should get your bike checked and serviced before going out on a bike tour. Below we are mentioning some important checks and service requirements that you can follow.

Pre RideOut Bike Checkups:

  • Check the Engine oil level of the bike and top up if required.
  • If the bike is equipped with a Radiator make sure to check the oil/water level of the radiator.
  • Get all the dials and digital cluster checked up.
  • Make sure the tires are in good condition and tyre tread is sufficient.
  • Get the driving chain cleaned and properly lubricated, also get the slack of chain checked.
  • Get the air filter cleaned.
  • Get the indicators checked and ensure that the Headlights and Tail-light of your bike is in proper working condition.

After going through all the above-mentioned follow-ups and service checkups, you are now ready to go on your journey with your bike. Always remember, a safe trip is a trip worth taking.

Now go on and have an epic and safe Bike Road Trip.

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