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10 Best TV Series To Awaken The Traveller Inside You


Written by Manavi Sarang
16 Jun, 2021

As a traveller, you know that you can’t settle in one place for a long time. The next trip is always on your mind. Reminiscing about your previous trip and daydreaming about your next is a familiar feeling. 

During this pandemic, we all have been cooped up at home trying to hold onto things that keep us motivated for our future trips. Therefore, watching TV series has become one of the best ways to pass the time at home. 

TV series can actually be great ways to keep the traveller inside of you alive and inspired. Not only does it keep you motivated, but it can also be a way of virtual travelling where you don’t have to leave the house at all.

You can find all these shows on TV, Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services. Whatever the theme of the show, they will surely fuel the wraveler inside of you!

1. Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a must-watch TV series for any human who dreams of travelling. Mesmerizing, state-of-the-art high-definition imagery highlights this breathtaking series. It features footage of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders – the oceans, the deserts, the polar ice caps and much more. 

This series will get you the feeling of having read a good book, watched a good movie, or played a good game because this is more than good. It showcases the beauty of nature and of course with the thrill of travel itself included.

 2. Tales By Light

In this awe-inspiring TV series, photographers and filmmakers are perpetually travelling the world and capturing indelible images of people, places, creatures and cultures from new, previously unseen angles.

Tales of Light seamlessly combines visual art with a powerful and interesting narrative. This fact does not distract you from reality. In fact, it makes everything more exciting. It is visual storytelling at its finest.

The extreme and fascinating environments throughout the series will leave you wanting to discover the world. If you happen to just love adventures, this show is for you. 

 3. The National Park’s: America’s Best Idea

A traveller’s dream portrayed in an adventurous TV series. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea is nevertheless a beautiful story of people: people from every imaginable background – rich and poor; well-known and unknown; soldiers and scientists; natives and newcomers; visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs. 

This TV series has been filmed over the course of more than six years at some of nature’s most spectacular locales – from Acadia to Yosemite, Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, the Everglades of Florida to the Gates of the Arctic in Alaska, this series will leave you with curiosity for travel.

 4. Dark Tourist

Tourism is not just about going to the popular spots of attractions like the beaches, the museums or the stadiums. In addition, there is a subset of tourism that involves visiting places that are historically associated with death and tragedy – Dark Tourism.

The TV series Dark Tourist showcases journalist David Farrier travelling to different locales to visit places and have experiences that are not on everybody’s bucket lists. It’s a ghoulish but superficial kind of thrill-seeking that only spooky tourism lovers will enjoy.

He immerses himself in a death-worshipping cult in Mexico, sees tourists soaking up radiation left behind in Fukushima, meets vampires in New Orleans, and travels to the most-nuked place on Earth for atomic swimming and fishing.

 5. The Kindness Diaries

If you love a heart-warming travelling journey, this TV series is something you should consider watching. Leon Logothetis travels the world with only a vintage motorbike and the kindness of strangers, which he pays back in unexpected, inspiring ways.

It’s a great way to experience the seemingly lost human spirit of kindness. Leon is compassionate in his efforts to seek it out, and then gives back to those who often have the least and yet are willing to share.

 6. You Gotta Eat Here!

For all the foodies and travelling enthusiasts, there is a TV series to help you discover some of the best places to eat and try out new specialities. Food and Travel is a fusion that everyone loves. This show is the perfect representation of that.

Here, John Catucci visits various local restaurants across the US and Canada to understand more about their signature dishes, chefs and owners, the significance and intricacy of every dish, and learn how to prepare them. In other words, this is the best way for virtual food travel!

 7. Better Late Than Never

The story of this TV series revolves around a group of travelling seniors who embark on a trip throughout Asia with lots of fun moments. It’s an outstanding show that perfectly portrays the cultural differences in countries in a positive light.

To sum it up, it’s a warm, funny show about four successful men contemplating mortality, complete with morose sentimentality and playing pranks on each other. This series will remind you of your friends and motivate you to plan a trip with them!

 8. Mountain Life

Ever wondered if the idea of house-hunting could motivate you to travel? This TV series will surely do that for you, fellow traveller! Mountain life sheds a light on people who searching for their oasis in the clouds. 

 In each episode, a family in need of a break heads for the hills and mountains and tour multiple properties in remote locations, from the wooded peaks of the East Coast’s Blue Ridge to Hawaii’s tropical Mauna Loa.

The remote locations and the picturesque sceneries will want you to pack your bags and get going for a trek. Who knows, you might even plan your dream home through this show!

 9. Kalki’s Great Escape

Yet another show featuring the serenity of North East India, this one focuses on actress Kalki Koechlin and her father Joel, who embark on a motorcycling expedition in the different valleys of the seven sisters. 

The trip helps them connect with the local culture and traditions of the North East. Needless to say, the landscapes and rides will spark the adrenaline rush in you.  

This show is a motorbike adventure where the duo battle adverse weather conditions and rocky terrains. Above all, it is a visual treat and completely capable of inspiring one to take a similar journey.

10. Spirit of Scotland

This is perfect for an explorer who wants to know more about Scottish traditions. Actor Kunal Kapoor takes us on a journey through Scotland and explores its culture, food, people and history that make up the land of Scotch whisky.

With its beautiful valleys and lochs, historic architecture, lively culture and prolific whisky industry, Scotland is the perfect blend of the old and the new. In conclusion, it is a truly remarkable place that promises to bring you lesser-known facets of this wonderful country.


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