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About Weekend Getaways Delhi

When it comes to seeking a break from the monotony of daily life, a weekend getaway offers everything that encompasses a perfect escapade. It breaks the cycle of our 9-5 work-life without hindering the balance that we are all trying to achieve. 

When it comes to weekend getaways, the central capital offers the perfect rendezvous point to most destinations in North India that are ideal for a peaceful retreat. 

From taking you away from the hot, noisy, and bustling city life to dropping you into the lap of the Himalayas, all the roads of a peaceful journey for a weekend getaway start from Delhi. 

Be it the paragliding capital Bir or the last village of India, Chitkul, There are many destinations where you can go when it comes to a weekend trip from Delhi. 

The best part is most of these destinations are hill stations close to the NCR meaning that you can reach there just in time to be able to enjoy the landscape without having to rush your experience. Not to mention that the drive through the many high passes with the majestic Himalayas in the backdrop make for an amazingly long drive.

The reason why weekend getaways from Delhi are perfect for most people is that it is extremely convenient to travel to the majority of the destinations, especially when you have a limited amount of time on your hands. 

Another reason is that a weekend trip from Delhi also gives you ample opportunity to explore the bylanes of Delhi as well. As the state is a Hub spot for many tourists, there are a lot of people who are always keen on wandering around, wanting to glimpse at the historical architecture or getting a taste of the street food that the city has to offer as well. 

Also, when you travel to the mountains for a weekend trip from Delhi, the vivid contrast in the topography, the cool climate, and the fresh air hits you even harder. As the narrow alleys of Delhi get replaced by the flower-adorned trails in the Himalayas, you get to truly appreciate the marvels of nature that the Northern region of our beautiful country has to offer. 

The well-curated itineraries that we offer for weekend getaways from Delhi are all-inclusive of food, accommodations, sightseeing tours as well as fun activities like rafting, paragliding, and cafe hopping.

Most of our weekend getaways from Delhi are within 200kms of distance and hardly take a 10-hour drive to reach the first halt and since these journeys are done overnight, you will be traveling smoothly in the initial hours of your journey. 

Whether it's camping in the tiny hamlet Grahan or skiing in the Himalayan ski resort Auli or even trekking the Garhwal Himalayas in Deoriatal Chandrashila, there’s something available for every kind of traveler. 

From the green meadows for nature lovers to take a stroll to soaring skies for thrill enthusiasts to paraglide through, there’s nothing that you’d be missing out on when on a weekend getaway.

And if you’re from Delhi, then there simply shouldn’t be any reason for you to miss out on all the exciting weekend trips that you can take.

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