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Why do we Travel

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Some people travel to discover places, some to discover themselves. Reasons to travel could be rainbow ranging, but something that binds all traveler is the need to escape, escape from their mundane surroundings to take a revel in the joy of traveling, every trip engulfed in a promise of redeeming one’s zest for life.

Some people travel to indulge in delicacies that soothe their taste buds, different destinations have different cuisines which symbolize paradise for foodie travelers. Sometimes the need to wanderlust roots from human need to quench their desire for knowledge. Learning is an eternal process and traveling only compliments it. Touring around the world imparts knowledge which goes beyond the four walls of educational institutions.

A few might take to their jovial demeanor to justify their need to travel. Believe it or not meeting new people is an added benefit of traveling, who knows, you might find friends to treasure for life? Sometimes, traveling can adorn a coat of professionalism as business and corporate men travel business trips around the globe contributing to the economics of their country.

Not a very populous reason, but some travel to remotest corners of the world to test their limits, challenge themselves to endure a fundamental lifestyle dotted with bear minimums. People might travel to tick off destinations that might be at the rim of their bucket list. Traveling can essentially be people’s ultimate goal, embellishing their passports with foreign stamps of the most incredulous kind. An excessive limiting to our comfort zone can often render us unappreciative of our homes, hence, sometimes people resort to being a vagabond to re-inculcate the worth of their homes within themselves.

One could escape to a land far away from the hastiness, a byproduct of the mechanization of life, or resort to revisit their hometown, strengthening their familial ties. Pious souls could embark on a spiritual journey to stimulate peace in their mind palace.

Looking at it this way, traveling is an attempt by humankind to elope from their own creation, mechanization, nevertheless, it is an indispensable essential in order to maintain one’s sanity.

‘Why do you travel?’ Is quite a soul-searching question once you drive into the depths of it, a philosophical mind would perhaps find traveling a quint essential in order to truly understand one’s metaphorical self piece by piece, an adventure-lover would resort to traveling to infuse his life with vigour & vivacity, a history lover would explore new landscapes to etch his memory with mythological tales of religious texts.

Every person has a varying interpretation of & reason to travel. Traveling is, indeed a very subjective topic, wrapped in layers of wonder & amusement, it never fails to uplift one’s spirits no matter what the reason behind traveling.

Why do you travel? Leave comments below to tell us more about your reasons.


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Contributed By: Marisha Kashyap

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