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Tips To Apply For A Visa To India From Other Country

Written by Jebby Rosh

India is a country that allows people of different religions to live in harmony, so many tourists want to know a place with such a rich culture. It’s full of wonderful places, and going to the Asian continent without passing through the country can make you regret later. It is a country that is highly sought after by people who want to live a completely different and fascinating culture, and in this article we will explain the easiest way to get a visa for India online. The only things that are required for a person to obtain an electronic visa for India are a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country, a credit or debit card and an email. In the following article, we will explain further how it works to get a visa for India. 

Vietnam Visa For Indians will give some easy way and tips to apply for a visa to India.

What is the process for getting a visa for India?

India tourist visa can be obtained through a trip to the consulate / embassy or online, and while it can be extended and allow the visitor to stay up to 6 months in the country, it can only be used by up to 60 days without possibility of extension.

The process for applying for an online visa is simpler, simply having the applicant have a passport and a previously scanned photo, complete the forms, attach these documents and pay by PayPal or credit card.

The process that is done in person to apply for a tourist visa is different because it requires more documents, such as passport, international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, copy of the other passport if you have dual nationality, photos, among others.

You will then have to bring the documentation in person to the embassy or consulate to collect your bio metric data and pay the fee, which should be in cash.

What is the deadline for India tourist visas?

One of the main reasons for a person to opt for its quick issuance is because in two days it can be obtained.


The embassy recommends that a person who is interested in traveling to India and opting apply for at least 4 days prior to travel so as not to risk the visa not being approved in time.

The visa that is made directly at the embassy is ready within 2 weeks, so it is important that you apply in advance.


Is it easy to get a visa for India?

Visa can be easily achieved by simply filling out an online form and not requiring many documents.

The tourism visa, which allows visitors to stay for more than 60 days in the country, cannot be considered easy, as it will require the interested person to travel to the consulate or embassy, ​​as well as more extensive documentation than Visa.

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