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Six Ideas to Help You Save Money for Your Next Trip.

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How often have you found yourself stuck in a dilemma where all your buddies are making travel plans and you had to sneak out due to budget problems? It never feels good to be left out and it feels even worse to lie down in your bed checking Instagram feed or haggling through Netflix when all your friends are having fun out there.

The problem is not that you don’t have money but it’s that you don’t save up enough to invest in your travel plans, right? Well! It’s a common problem amongst us all and it has a straight forward solution, Just save up some bucks but its harder than it looks like.

While many out there have their personal tips and tricks on how to ‘Save Money’, we have compiled a list of ideas for someone just like you so that the next time you’re asked out for an adventure, you should already be geared up and no one has to call you to the party pooper again.


Planning in Advance

Planning in advance by making travel blueprints and analyzing budgets.

Whether you want a go out with your friends for a movie that has been crushing the box office or travel the world alone, planning is something that you must do beforehand.

Everybody has their own set of the story on how they couldnt make it or why they travel less but its all a result of not planning ahead when you have the time.

Planning can have many verticles such as budget planning or planning on where to go this vacation after which one sets up things such as budget cuts in the required areas for

By planning ahead of time, you get a clear idea of how much you’d need in order to make your travel plan a ground reality. This way you can easily set up budget cuts in the required area, book cheaper packages, accommodations and flights in advance.

The one thing that most people fail to do is following up on their plans, so along with planning, one should also adhere to the guidelines created by themselves only.


Travel Fund Always Works

Setting up a travel fund

So you are one of those who have bigger aspirations than someone who merely wants to travel a few places throughout the year? But you haven’t been to any of your marked destinations on the map so far and well! the problem is budget again, right?

Its time to set up a separate travel fund then and while you may probably use that fund for some other cause but being prepared is better than being asked to join the group and making lame excuses to get out of it.  It also makes you keep visualizing about when you’d be on your next trip and that works as a high motivator for many.

Start by putting in little money such as 5% to 10% of your total month’s income or allowance into the Travel fund and if it works for you keep making the percentage go higher every time you return from another trip.


Save Money on Items of Daily Needs

Buy in bulk and spend less than usual

Buy large quantities of goods that you may use often from wholesale markets giving out stuff at lower prices which makes you save bucks and get a little free time from all that weekly or monthly shopping too.

Also, while you shop in bulk, it doesn’t mean that you have to consume in bulk too, you love the smell of peanut butter and want to use the whole can on one slice of your bread, well! you better not because its time you save up.

This way you are saving up and spending less at the same time which, anybody with even a little knowledge of algebra would also say that is going to make your pockets jingle in almost no time.


You Can Live Without Subscriptions

Cut out on unused subscriptions

‘Netflix and Chill’ are what your weekend plans all about? or you’re that certain someone everybody goes to for movie recommendations and also, ignore for you could be their spoiler bomb anytime.

Then you have been caught with the trap of binge-watching too and while it may seem like that now you couldnt live without that subscription from Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime Video but you can.

Most users who’ve been using the service have admitted that they don’t use it that often and maybe there are times that these services go unused for even a couple of weeks, which could be a major area to cut expanse from.


Sell out Old and Unused Stuff

Sell old stuff

Each and every one of us have some piece of junk that we may never use neither throw-out and that stuff ends up taking space on our shelves, in our closets or cramp up our storage area.

It’s a good time to make a list of all those things and put them to some good use by selling them out to someone who would actually have a use for them.

The whole process of selling out old stuff is a little hectic but it’s not the 90’s where you need to set up a garage sale, just go online and well! you know what do next anyway.


Change in Lifestyle 

Change your lifestyle and travel more often

The change in lifestyle is not for everyone to follow up with and it can be a welcoming idea for you if you’re someone who really wants to travel around and explore. Otherwise, stick to all those other ideas discussed above as this is not something you should opt for.

Changing lifestyles may include shifting to a place with less rent or sharing living spaces with other people and getting out as little as possible and many other things. The idea is to save as much money as one could in order to afford frequent trips.

This is something that full-time travelers, travel bloggers or vloggers do and they usually end up saving enough to be on a vacation all round the year.  Changing your lifestyle neither sounds easy not it is, so only if you’re dedicated enough then only you should even give it a thought.


We have compiled a list for you with ideas on how to save money for your travel plans, tell us in comments down below which one was your favorite idea and if you have some other tips and tricks then do share with us.

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