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Rishikesh. A place so delightful you will never forget.

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Travelling is exploring more about life.

That is what I realized from my last jaunt to a place brimming with the splendid beauty of nature, a perfect break from the messed up, hectic daily schedule.

Shivpuri in Rishikesh, a place under the deep covers of famous tourist destinations, but one of the most wonderful places you can experience being at.

It was post September when we began our stupendous journey. We started this journey in a train en routed to Rishikesh. It began with arriving in the daylight of 26th September in Rishikesh. Then came the first step of our trip, Rafting! Heading down through the twisty roads over the mountains in our car, we watched the water move closer as we advanced down the path.



“When I say rest: stop paddling, when I say forward: start paddling and when I say stop” The instructor instructed every one of us.

‘HURRAAYY’ we were set for the ride on our raft in complete excitement, as it was going to be an 18 kilometer long ride. Cutting through big water, cheering every moment of our ride, we felt the thrust and energy of the stream that rejuvenated us each time it hit us in our faces. After travelling around 15 out of 18 kilometers, we all jumped in the mighty Ganga (body surfing) , being surrounded by cool water gave a feeling, which retrieved us from the daily stress we were habitual of. Everything was beautified in the moment and about the water around us. This made our trip worth experiencing and rafting marked an exciting start to our trip. Also, having pani-puri just after rafting was a different experience, that doesn’t happen every day 😉

Afterwards we rode towards our camping site, by the time we arrived it was already dark and the party had just started. The night of 26th September that was coming forth. We moved in, our camps had a really wonderful location, beside a fine, clear river, so close that we could hear the sound of flowing water. Then there started the real party. With music, bonfire ,we danced along, carefree; around the bonfire, feeling the heat in the chilled surroundings, the moment was to enjoy like never before. In the midnight, we sat by the river, having deep conversations, our feet immersed in the smooth running water, spent time by the water stream, feeling the moment, with the scenario around us.

The next morning, was like none other, with the reward of waking up in the pleasing surrounding. It was 27th September we woke up in the morning to the aroma of fresh air, untouched by the intrication of life and the light that came chasing us between the mountains, made another day worth!

It was a place, so beautiful, so calm, that you would want to live there forever. Between the mountains, that was the place so delightful that we can never ever forget!


Contributed By: Ankisha Mathur

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